Family and consumer sciences department

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    In December students in the Foods classes were creating Ginger Bread Houses. 
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    Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel - You are unique and your clothing should reflect your special personality.  This course focuses on textiles and clothing construction techniques which enable students to create personalized garments.  The alteration, care, repair, and recycling of ready to wear apparel and accessories are included to make students wise consumers.


    Advanced Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel (Level 1) - This advanced course is perfect for students interested in clothing design and construction.  Students will utilize the principle of line and design as they apply to fashion.  The experiences include flat pattern design, the selection and pairing of textiles, and the use of interfacings and trims.  Prerequisites:  Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel.


    The Business of Fashion (Honors) – Fashion is everywhere! Fashion is art, talent, aesthetics, and skill; fashion is big business.  This course will explore the wide variety of jobs in the fashion industry while continuing to work on projects and technical skills needed for success in this diverse, creative, and demanding field.  Prerequisite:  Advanced Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel.


    Child Growth And Development - Studying children and child development is important whether parenthood is in your future, you plan a career in a child-related profession, or you just like to spend time with children.  Learn how children develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.  Explore the areas of caring for, nurturing and guiding children.  Develop skills for making decisions and thinking critically.  Apply what you have learned into practical experience with four-year-olds in a pre-school setting.


    Financial Fitness (Semester) - Be better prepared to meet the financial challenges of everyday living!  The focus of this course is the development of lifelong skills for managing all areas of your life.  Maximize your personal traits, learn positive communication and relating to others, examine the skills needed to select and progress towards a career, manage resources, and balance multiple roles.  Housing, food, health and crisis management are also addressed in this course.  Grow and develop to your fullest potential.  This course fulfills the Financial Literacy requirement for all students beginning with the class of 2014.


    Foundations of Food and Nutrition (Introductory) - Food and its nutrition is a basic and integral part of life.  This introductory course focuses on the practical application of food safety and sanitation, food selection, preparation, food costs, food labels and serving of food.  Laboratory experiences use technology in food preparation as it relates to safety and time management.  Meal Etiquette, nutrition and current trends in health associated with nutrition are addressed.  Career opportunities in food and nutrition related fields are presented. 


    The Art and Science of Food (Level 1) – Have you ever wondered why popcorn or why cakes rise?  Students examine the science of food as it relates to a variety of food preservation techniques, leavening of baked products, emulsions, etc.  This course will provide more advanced work in safety and sanitation, food preparation, meal planning, consumer selection and nutrition.  Food experiences will take a more creative direction as students discover the visual influence of food with plate presentations and pastry arts.  “Hands-on” experience makes this course dynamic and relevant.  Career opportunities are explored.  Prerequisite:  Foundations of Food and Nutrition


    Culinary Arts (Honors) - This advanced course is designed for students who have genuine interest in food, nutrition and related careers.  Students will master safety and sanitation, the use of equipment and service techniques.  Learning to prepare and appreciate a wide range of regional and international cuisines while developing understanding of the significant role of food in celebrations are some of the goals of this course.  Quantity food preparation and related careers opportunities in food service, hospitality and entrepreneurship will be examined.  Prerequisite:  Foundations of Food and Nutrition and the Art and Science of Food