Third graders are thriving at Washington Elementary School! Students are utilizing chromebooks to access resources such as Google Classroom, Discovery Education, Raz-Kids, Spelling City, Study Island, Lexia, XtraMath and other content related platforms.  Google Classroom serves as an online hub where students and parents can access assignments, applicable media, slideshows and anchor charts to support class lessons, and other tools that students may need to access throughout the year.

    We are looking forward to a hands-on science unit that allows students to experience the engineering and design process by planning, building, and revising their innovations.  This creative and collaborative structure is a challenging and rewarding time with classmates. This unit focuses on team building, listening, questioning, and building upon the ideas of others.

     Third graders are most proud of their incorporation of interdisciplinary accountable talk.  Accountable talk encourages children to take ownership of their ideas and requires them to justify their answers with evidence.  Students have been utilizing talk stems to politely phrase responses and elaborate with background knowledge and personal experiences.  






    3-1: Room 24

    Mrs.Suzanne Ciacciarelli

    Mrs.Janet Deter

    3-2: Room 26

    3-3:  Room 37
    3-4: Room 29


    3-5: Room 32