Ms. LaRosa
    Attendance Secretary
    Phone: 732-452-2807 
    Attendance Hours
    7am- 3pm
    (732) 452-2807

    Dropping Off Items in the lobby

    Students should make every effort to come to school prepared daily.

    If a student forgets to bring something to school and a parent would like to drop the item(s) off, please go to the lobby to leave the item(s) at the security check-in but understand that classes will not be interrupted for students to retrieve the item(s).

    Students may check with the security officer during passing or after school for such items.


    Student Pick Up for Early Dismissal

    If your child must leave school early, please follow these guidelines:

    • Write a note to be submitted to Attendance Office by student prior to homeroom.
    • Choose a time between classes to avoid disruption to classes.
    • When possible, inform student prior to early dismissal so that student reports to Attendance Office at designated time.
    • Classroom disruptions should be avoided.