• 2018-2019 Co-Curricular Clubs & Advisors



    Student Council

    Mr. Napoli / Ms. Brito

    Class of 2019

    Ms. Logan /  Ms. Marsh

    Class of 2020

    Ms. Curcio / Ms. Trainor

    Class of 2021

    Mr. Piccolo

    Class of 2022

    Ms. Fedowitz / Ms. Van de Wetering / Ms. Franey

    AM Fitness Club

    Mr. Abene

    Art Club/Open Studio

    Ms. Fernandez / Ms. Colletto

    Art National Honor Society

    Ms. Gavor

    Assertive Teens Against Cancer(ATAC)

    Ms. Patton-Stein / Ms. Curcio

    AVID Club

    Ms. Gonczi

    Band/Band Front/Jazz Band

    Mr. DeNicuolo / Mr. Kuntz

    Chinese Honor Society

    Mr. Huang


    Mr. Brown

    Dance Ensemble

    Ms. Jenkins


    Ms. Tierney


    Ms. DiOrio

    Ecology Club


    Edison Sources Peer Leadership

    Ms. Sieminski

    Engineering Club

    Mr. Balewitz

    Family Community and Career Leaders of America

    Ms. Ledda / Mr.Hantsoulis

    Fashion Club

    Ms. Ledda

    Film/Photography Club

    Mr. Bauer

    French Club


    French Honor Society


    Future Teachers' Club

    Ms. Hendricks

    Gay Straight Alliance

    Ms. Franey

    Girls Who Code

    Ms. Andriano

    Greenhouse Club

    Mr. Barry

    Guitar Ensemble

    Mr. Jaworski


    Ms. Elford

    Italian Honor Society

    Ms. Marhefka

    Key Club

    Student Officers

    Latin Club

    Mr. Clark

    Library Council

    Ms. Stocker

    Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)

    Ms. L. Harris

    Math Team

    Ms. Downey

    Model U.N.

    Mr. Hantsoulis / Ms. Hoey

    Moon and Stars Association

    Ms. Bensetti / Ms. Jimenez

    National English Honor Society

    Ms. Frey / Ms. Trainor

    National Honor Society

    Ms. Andriano/ Ms. Scimone

    Newspaper (The Edison Eagle)

    Mr. Iannace


    Ms. Leghorn

    Peacock Society

    Mr. Piccolo

    Ping Pong Club

    Mr. Manson


    Mr. Iannace

    Rotary Club

    Ms. Rasimowicz

    Science Honor Society

    Ms. Degs Yanofski

    Science Club

    Ms. Singh / Ms. Alvarez / Mr. Goldman

    Spanish Honor Society

    Ms. Fedowitz / Ms.Van de Wetering

    Step Team

    Ms. Blarr

    Theatre Department

    Ms. Elford

    Transportation Technology Club

    Mr. Iannace

    Tri M Honors

    Mr. Kuntz


    Ms. Franey / Ms. Marhefka


    Ms. Johnson


    Ms. Witkowski