• Transportation Services

    John T. Griffiths

    Transportation Specialist

    Please contact Mr. Griffiths or the Office of Transportation Services with questions or concerns.

    Email: John.Griffiths@edison.k12.nj.us

    Phone: 732-452-4900 ext. 4559

    Fax: 732-452-4564

    General Information

    The Edison Township Public School District provides busing in accordance
    with district policy 3541.1

    Bus Passes

    • Bus Passes are mailed the last week in August.
    • Students are required to carry their bus passes at all times when using district transportation services. Periodic Pass checks will be conducted.

    Bus Stops and Schedules

    • School times are as follows:
      - High School starts at 7:40AM
      - Middle School starts at 8:30AM
      - Elementary School starts at 8:55AM
    • Please have your student at the bus stop 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of school.
    • Disciplinary issues on the bus or at a bus stop is the responsibility of the building principal
    • Bus stop changes will only be granted in the case of health and safety concerns. Bus stops will not be changed as a matter of convenience.
    • Bus stop change requests must be submitted in writing to Transportation Services:
      US Mail - Transportation Services
                   c/o Edison Township Public Schools
                   312 Pierson Avenue
                   Edison, NJ 08837
    • Subscription bus applications may be obtained by contacting: Susan Lally (732) 452-4562
    • Aid-in-Lieu questions: James Burke (732) 452-4561


    Transportation Office

    Please call with any questions or concerns

    • Susan Lally (732) 452-4562
    • James Burke (732) 452-4561