Arrival Supervision

    1. The principal and assistant principal oversee the arrival of students as they disembark from the busses and cars that bring them to school. The administrators stay in the waiting area with the students, monitoring behavior until 8:15 a.m.

    2. Teachers assigned to morning bus duty sign in and proceed to the 6th,7th, and 8th grade entrances and areas around the building. During the first week of school the 6th and 7th grade homeroom teachers greet their classes and escort them into the building.

    3. Teachers are to make sure that students proceed to sidewalk areas after leaving busses. Students are not permitted to sit on the curbing, the bicycle rack or to interfere in any way with the traffic. There will be no ball playing, roller-skating, or skate boarding in the waiting areas.

    4. Students are to be kept away from the surrounding wooded areas, and are not to leave school grounds after arrival. Teachers should be positioned so that the students are visible from all angles.

    5. During periods of inclement weather, students will be permitted to enter the building and congregate in the following areas;

          a. Grades 6 and 7 Gymnasium

          b. Grade 8 Cafeteria

    6. Teachers are to remain on the a.m. bus duty assignment until 8:25 a.m. Once students have entered the building the teachers will proceed to their inside duty area and assist in moving students from their lockers to their homerooms.

    7. All teachers are expected to be in the halls before homeroom, helping to usher students from their lockers to homeroom.

    Lunch Supervision

    1. Teachers and aides who are assigned to Cafeteria Duty are required to:

          a. Help maintain an acceptable level of noise.

          b. Monitor the behavior of students in specific rows while on duty.

          c. Use the lunch calendar provided to call students to purchase their lunches or recycle.

          d. Insist that students keep the cafeteria clean. Tables and floors are to be checked by the students under the direction of the teachers/aides at the conclusion of each lunch period. Chairs are to be pushed in to the tables at the end of lunch.

          e. Circulate about the cafeteria in an informal manner, making themselves available to assist individual students. Make sure that the students are sitting in their assigned seats.

          f. Help to maintain a cheerful atmosphere at all times.

          g. Monitor the six lavatory passes; three girls and three boys. The teacher in charge of the lunch will collect these passes at the end of each lunch period and place them in the box for the teacher in charge of the following lunch period. No more than three boys and three girls should be allowed to use the lavatory at the same time.

          h. Be on the lookout for students who take food without paying, and for those students who cut in the lunch line.

          i. Begin to recycle seven minutes before the conclusion of the lunch period:

                   i. Grade 6 lunch 11:11-11:40

                   ii. Grade 7 lunch 12:01-12:30

                   iii. Grade 8 lunch 12:51-1:20

          j. See that students do not leave the cafeteria area eating or carrying food or drink.

    2. During the first two weeks of school the students are permitted to sit anywhere they choose. At the end of the two week period, students are asked to commit to a permanent table. Place cards are distributed and students record their names on the card. In this way, when anyone comes into the cafeteria looking for a specific student, it is easy to locate that person. Table arrangements are permanent after the two week period; however, a student who is having difficulty with his/her table mates may appeal to guidance or the teachers/administrator assigned to the lunch duty for a change in table seating. Also, the teachers/administrator assigned to the lunch duty may change a student’s seat for chronic misbehavior.

    3. The teacher in charge is responsible for the dismissal of students with the assistance of the teachers and aides on duty. Dismissal should start no more than one to two minutes before the bell.

    4. Throwing of food, utensils, or debris, and other acts such as the deliberate collapsing of cafeteria tables or refusal to clean the table or floor should be treated as cause for disciplinary action. Such acts should be reported to the administration immediately. If it is necessary to remove a student from the cafeteria setting, an isolated area will be used to hold the student. When a referral is submitted, the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

    5. The assistant principal is present in the cafeteria to assist in maintaining order as frequently as possible.


    Dismissal Supervision
     1. Teachers are assigned to monitor a specific bus. They are to report to their busses immediately after 7th period. Busses leave promptly at 3:07 p.m. The teacher is provided with a bus sign signaling the number of his/her bus. Also, the administration provides each bus with a number sign that must appear at all times in the top window of the bus.
    2. Students should form single file lines before boarding busses. Students have assigned seats on the bus; 6th graders sit in the front, 7th graders in the middle, and 8th graders in the back. The bus drivers and bus teachers have copies of the seating charts and can refer to the charts whenever needed. If students do not remain in their assigned seats during the trip to/from school, bus privileges may be suspended for a period of time.

    3. Teachers will assist in the orderly loading of students onto the busses. The teachers are to board the busses to make certain that every student is in his/her assigned seat with his/her seat belt fastened. No student is to be standing when the bus pulls away. Students should keep their heads and arms inside the bus at all times. They are not to throw any objects out of the busses or to call out to passers by.

    4. All students, walkers, and riders are to remain on the sidewalks at all times.

    5. Bike riders are to leave school grounds promptly using Gloria Avenue or the rear walkway preferably, but under no circumstances are they to ride in the roadway toward the school.

    6. Cars should not be permitted to pick up students on Woodrow Wilson Drive. Parents must pull into the lot on the side of the school nearest to Woodrow Wilson Drive and wait for their children there.

    7. Students are not permitted to walk across the roadway onto the center section in front of the building unless a teacher or administrator is there overseeing their safe movement across the street.

    8. Teachers should report to the office those students who do not follow directions in matters of safety and/or discipline.

    9. Students who miss their busses must report to an administrator so that a parent/guardian can be contacted to pick up the student. The student must be supervised by a teacher or administrator until his/her ride arrives.


    Dismissal Supervison For Students Who DO NOT Ride the Bus/Latch Key Program

    1. Students who are not staying for detention or co-curricular activities are expected to vacate the school grounds immediately after dismissal. The school administrators monitor the behavior of all students as they exit the building.

    2. Students are not permitted to skateboard, play ball, or ride their bicycles on school grounds after dismissal. Any student who does not comply with these rules is written up for violating school policy