• Special Services Department
    Special Services Fax: 732-452-4977
    The Special Services Department is responsible for the following administrative areas:
    • Child Study Teams
    • Individual Educational Plans (IEP)
    • Preschool Program
    • 504 Student Officer

    Administrative Special Services Staff:

    Christopher Conklin - Assistant Superintendent for Pupil/Special Services
    Erin Madara  - Supervisor Special Services
    Schools :  James Monroe, Woodbrook, Menlo Park, Washington, Lincoln and Lindeneau
    Dawn Netzel - Supervisor Special Services
    Schools:  James Madison Primary, James Madison Intermediate, Martin Luther King, John Marshall, Ben Franklin
    Nancy Sica - Supervisor Special Services
    Schools:  Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Herbert Hoover Middle School, John Adams Middle School, Woodrow Wilson Middle School