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School Social Workers

School Social Workers

“School Social Workers are the strong link that provides infinite possibilities and connections that have an impact in the lives of students, families, and the community!”

 New Jersey Association of School Social Workers



School social workers are members of the Child Study Team that are responsible for helping students resolve personal, emotional, and social problems that interfere with their adjustment to school. Support is provided to help students enjoy the fullest benefits of the education offered to them. School social workers are certified by the New Jersey Department of Education and have a Master’s Degree in Social Work.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participates in the evaluation, classification and placement of all pupils with special needs.
  • Assesses a student in terms of personal and family history, socio-economic and cultural differences.
  • Evaluates the configuration of factors within the home, community and school as related to a student’s current and academic adjustment.
  • Interprets the implication of significant social findings as a member of the child study team and participates in educational planning for exceptional students.
  • Plans meetings with family members to asses past and present history and development that is relevant to the child’s adjustment.
  • Maintains an ongoing relationship with families for the purpose of sharing information, assisting the family and providing counseling to the family and student.
  • Initiates, facilitates and maintains liaison with community agencies and other resources to meet special needs.
  • Consults with administration and staff regarding social adjustment factors of students in school, at home and in the community.
  • Counsels groups of students and/or parents regarding social adjustment problems.
  • Assists in coordinating, developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Individual Education Plans.
  • Provides crisis intervention, support, and referral services.


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