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In efforts to better serve our parents and community, we are pleased to announce we are expanding the Parent Helpdesk portal to include our Food Service run by Maschio's Foods.

Please see below for additional information and helpful videos to guide you through the portal.

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April 2021 

Welcome to the Parent Helpdesk,

As you may know, Edison Public Schools has invested in the creation of a new Parent Helpdesk and Support Solution. This decision is explicitly designed to improve our responsiveness to issues you report and continuously improve our service levels and our customers satisfaction. 

Benefits of the Parent Helpdesk

The helpdesk now enables us, and you, to track every incident you report to us. 

We will now have both a holistic and granular understanding of the volume of your inquiries, suggestions and complaints, as well as the appropriate content and classification of each. This data helps us prioritize our efforts to better meet the needs of our parents. 

Every call, email or web contact is ticketed and your reported issue is either handled on the spot by our support personnel or escalated, as needed to the appropriate department. When your issue needs to be escalated, we make every effort to ensure it is properly vetted, prioritized and sent to the right member of our team who can help you. 

Our Parent Helpdesk is designed for quality. We want to make sure that none of your issues get lost in the shuffle, that you receive timely updates on our progress either via our helpdesk solution, email or phone and that your issues are addressed and resolved as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Measuring Our Quality Improvement 

We are committed to continuously improving your satisfaction with our customer service and support. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our application and get help when you need it. We will continually:

  1. Make sure you have a good understanding of the parent helpdesk and support solution by posting instructions and ‘how to’ videos so you better understand how to use the application and what to expect the from us.
  2. Take advantage of our website and online support site to easily get answers yourself for many of your commonly asked questions.
  3. Evaluate the access our customers need and expand our helpdesk support to cover additional departments.  
  4. Continually monitor and review analytics in an effort to provide more efficient support.

With this announcement, we are proud to launch our new parent helpdesk and support solution addressing your Enrollment, Technology and Transportations requests; we will continue to add additional departments on a continual basis.

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The following are frequently asked questions & instructional videos for your reference

1.     What is the Parent Helpdesk?

  • The Parent Helpdesk and Support Solution is a single point of contact where parents can submit a request for support
  • Please see below a short overview video of the Parent Helpdesk Portal

2.     How do I access the portal?

3.     Can I call a phone number for support?

  • Yes
    • For the Enrollment Department Helpdesk, please call 732-452-4570
    • For the Technology Department Helpdesk, please call 732-452-4998
    • For the Transportation Department helpdesk, please call 732-452-4560

4.     If I call, will a ticket be submitted within the helpdesk portal so I can track its progress

  • Yes, our customer support personal will enter a helpdesk ticket on your behalf, once this is done, you can track the ticket from within the portal or via email updates

5.     If I am having problems with the helpdesk portal, can I email my request to start my inquiry

6.     How long before my ticket gets addressed

  • Edison Public Schools is committed to acknowledge your support request within 24-hours or the next business day (if your request is received during a weekend or holiday)
  • Edison Public Schools is committed to resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible, but unfortunately given the dynamic nature of inquiries we cannot commit to a resolution timeframe


Edison Public Schools Parent Helpdesk and Support Solution’s Introduction & ‘How To’ Videos

Enrollment & Transportation Department Helpdesk Support Videos

Technology Department Helpdesk Support Videos