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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your department responsible for technology wise?
  • We are responsible for all computer related issues, email related issues, application/software related issues, printers, promethean board problems, ipads, chromebooks, laptops,  wireless issues, security cameras, and email and computer login passwords(not genesis or edumet passwords however).
What is your department not responsible for?
  • We do not handle any issues related to electricity, genesis usernames or passwords, edumet usernames or passwords, in school intercoms/PA system or other electronic devices not mentioned in the above answer. 
If you do not handle these issues then who does?
  • For any requests related to genesis, please email 
  • For electricity or intercom/PA issues please contact facilities/maintenance.
If I have a technology request or problem how do I go about handling it?
  • All schools have a building technology coordinator that all technology related questions should go through first and if there is an issue they cannot fix or handle they will contact us to put in a request.