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Department of Technology

Ralph Barca
Chief Information Technology Officer
Welcome to the Edison Public School's Department of Technology  
Operating Hours- 8am-4pm Mon-Fri 
The Department of Technology is committed to the improvement of teaching and learning by linking the appropriate information and technologies to education.
The Department of Technology provides leadership in the use of computers and related technologies, working collaboratively with schools and departments to ensure the effective use of technology across the disciplines. Access and the proper use of technology will enhance the learning process to better prepare our students to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in a changing world.
As a result of the Edison Technology Program, students will understand important issues in a technology based society and will exhibit ethical behavior in the use of technology. Students will access, apply, interpret, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information using a variety of technologies. In addition, they will use the computer as a tool for problem solving and logical thinking.

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internal extension: x 24998 and x24999 / externally: 732.452.4998 & 732.452.4999