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Food Services Announcement

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 8:15 pm 3/30/2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meals Provided during Spring Break

For those families eligible to receive free or reduced meals, we will continue providing the meals until further notice including the entire week (mon-fri) of Spring Break.   

Grab-and-go breakfast and lunches that can be picked up between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 am from TWO designated areas, which will be John P. Stevens High School and Edison High School. The meals will be available so that both breakfast and lunch meals can be picked up together. The meals will be bagged and ready for distribution so that you can just pick it up and go.   Please use the chart below. You should respond to the high school in which your child’s school is listed below it. 

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience as we move forward in providing meals for your children.  We remain committed to doing everything possible to mitigate the impact this transition to online learning will have on our community and we appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


Franklin D. Roosevelt School Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
James Madison Intermediate School Herbert Hoover Middle School
James Madison Primary School Lincoln Elementary School
John Adams Middle School Lindeneau Elementary School
Martin Luther King Elementary School John Marshall Elementary School
Menlo Park Elementary School James Monroe Elementary School
Woodbrook Elementary School Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School Washington Elementary School

Please check your email and our district website for updates regularly.

If you have any questions, please email: