Nothing Less Than Excellence

Reading Interventionists

SMART Goals and Progress Monitoring
 WALT retell stories using the characters names, feelings, identifying the problem and solution 
-General Story Map
 WALT identify the main idea of a story and key supporting details of a story     -Key Idea Map
 WALT identify and use grade-level appropriate vocabulary words  -Vocabulary Knowledge Assessment
 WALT summarize ideas from a text and tell how they are related  
 WALT summarize a longer text with multiple episodes  
 WALT identify important ideas in a text and report them in an organized way  
 WALT use text structure to predict the outcome of a narrative  
 WALT search for and use information to confirm or disconfirm predictions  
 WALT justify predictions using evidence   
 WALT  predict what characters will do based on the traits revealed by the writer  
 WALT demonstrate understandings of characters, using evidence from text to support statements  
 WALT infer characters' feelings and motivations   
 WALT show understanding of characters and their traits  
 WALT infer cause and effect in influencing characters' feelings or underlying motives   
 WALT notice and discuss aspects of genres including structure   
WALT identify a point in the story when the problem is resolved