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Please CLICK HERE for the Live Stream of the Board of Education Action Meeting January 27, 2020

Please CLICK HERE for the Board of Education YouTube Page, containing all videos related to Edison Public Schools

Please CLICK HERE for the online stream on Channel 118

Please CLICK HERE to watch the Board of Education Caucus Meeting from January 21, 2020

Please CLICK HERE to watch the Board of Education Reorganization Meeting from January 6, 2020

Please CLICK HERE to watch a video on the Project Unified Basketball game

Please CLICK HERE to watch a promotional video for Dance Day at Edison High School

Please CLICK HERE to watch the J.P. Stevens Winter Orchestral Concert

Please CLICK HERE to watch Edison High School's Winter Choral Concert

Please CLICK HERE to watch a short video on Play Unified Team's Turkey Plunge in Asbury Park

Please CLICK HERE to watch a short video on the opening of the J.P. Stevens Farmstand  


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