Nothing Less Than Excellence


Bernard F. Bragen Jr. Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 


      The Mission of the Public Schools of Edison Township is to ensure that all students achieve at the highest level of academic success.  The district, in partnership with the community, will provide a safe, supportive learning environment which promotes self-worth and encourages productive contributions to a diverse and constantly evolving global society.
      The Edison School District Class of 2010 had 95.7% of graduates attending college.  Our students annually receive millions of dollars in scholarship awards.  In national and state testing, our students do remarkably well.  At John P. Stevens High School, the SAT scores are outstanding with an average of 1165 for combined verbal and math.  At Edison High School, 81% of students who took Advanced Placement exams scored a 3 or better.  Our two district high schools had a total of 28 National Merit Scholars.
      Aside from academic achievements, our schools are recognized for their co-curricular programs.  Our district continues to have high numbers of students excelling in Odyssey of the Mind, Model United Nations, New Jersey Regional and All-State Choirs and Bands.  Our student leaders hold offices in National and State-level organizations.  In athletics, our students excel as well, competing in one of the most challenging conferences in New Jersey, maintaining a tradition of sportsmanship and winning against highly competitive teams.
      As we look toward the future, we are proud to continue the Edison School District’s tradition of NOTHING LESS THAN EXCELLENCE for our students.

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Dr. Bragen’s Philosophy of Leadership

The goal of an educational leader is to inspire and motivate those under his/her charge to excel beyond their perceived limitations to become all they are capable of becoming. Leadership is a privilege and an honor, and also a tremendous responsibility. My philosophy of leadership is one of collaboration, teamwork and consensus where all members of the team can utilize the group’s collective strengths to counter individual weaknesses and achieve at optimal levels. Great leaders know they are significantly limited in isolation and that when power is shared their effectiveness is greatly increased.

True leaders are the catalyst of change, not the change itself. A leader is someone who not only hears, but also listens. They use this information to help chart a path and articulate a unified vision for the organizations to enhance all community stakeholders. Once the course is charted, the effective leader ensures unwavering implementation until the plan is brought to fruition. Integrity is also a key facet of my leadership philosophy. No one can be a successful leader without people believing in them and the veracity of their words. Over time, the leader’s body of work will define their beliefs and serve as a record of their decision making process. Leaders with integrity present consistent patterns of behavior and are always guided by what is the best interest of those they lead.