FALL 2019

    FALL 2019

    PDI Registration is now open!

    Follow the steps below to register for your courses:

    If you have not signed into the district website before you need to first create a Schoolwires website account. To do so, select the REGISTER button in the upper right hand corner next to the SIGN IN button. Follow the on-screen prompts. You can now sign-in for PDI registration.


    1. Please sign in to the district website. (If you have not signed in previously, your default user name       is: first name.last name and your password is changeme )

    2. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the Home page. Hover over the Curriculum tab and click on Professional Development

    3. On the left hand side of the screen, click on PDI Information & Registration - Fall 2019.

    4. Scroll down to find the 2019 Fall PDI Registration Calendar

    5. Click on the date number to see a list of classes being offered that day. 

    6. Click on the List button. 

    7. To officially register, click on the course title.

    8. You will then be taken to a page displaying the course's description, location, contact information, and registration information.

    9. Click the Register button in the lower right corner.

    10. Please enter your information and click the RegisterNow button.

    11. That's it!!! You've successfully registered for that course!

    12. Click the Go To Calendar button in the center of the page to return to the course listings.


    You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each course you enroll in. This will serve as your offical confirmation letter and verify your registration into that particular course.  


    The Fall 2019 PDI Brochure is available on the website, alternatively, you may view the attached brochures.


    Click here for Fall 2019 Certificated Brochure

    Click here for Fall 2019 Non-Certificated Brochure