• Computer Coding for Girls 
       While there has been an increased effort to bring Computer Science into the K-12 setting, many would argue that making Computer Science enticing to girls is of even greater importance.  The following websites offer additional resources and/or information on motivating girls to join the coding movement and recognize that, they too, can have an impact in computer science.
    Made with Code is an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once. The movement is designed to do three things: To inspire girls by celebrating women and girls who are using code to do great things; to engage girls to try coding through introductory projects and resources; and to sustain their interest by creating alliances and community around girls and coding.
    Girls Who Code programs work to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.
    Girls Teaching Girls to Code is a program where Stanford women teach and inspire Bay Area high school girls to explore Computer Science and Engineering. Students learn coding basics, build exciting projects, and develop strong relationships with mentors in the field.
    We Can Code IT commits itself to empowering girls and women in STEM, leaning in to technology and engineering.  Their special focus is creating and implementing innovative curricula that keeps pace with modern times. Using contemporary programs and cutting-edge technology, our classes, especially ones for kids, are “gamified.”  They motivate, educate, and mentor girls and women in STEM through motivational materials, online and in-person workshops, sharing their love of technology and innovation with the community, and mentoring girls and women in technology and electrical engineering.
    Rails Girls aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. They do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable.
    Tech Girlz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing - and hopefully ultimately eliminating - the gender gap in technology occupations.  They hold workshops and an annual entrepreneurial summer camp aimed at giving middle-school girls hands-on experience with different technology and enable them to interact with women who have carved out successful careers in technology fields.