• Option II packet including Application Form and Related Paperwork is available via this link.


    Option II provides students with the opportunity to meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in a setting other than the traditional classroom.  Participation in a competitive, elite level outside program such as Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Swimming, etc., can be used as an alternative to a daily physical education class.  In order to receive approval and credit for Physical Education under Option II:


    • The student must complete the PE Option II Application Form and return the form to the Physical Education Supervisor for approval by June 7th, 2019 (Students currently in the program MUST REAPPLY EVERY YEAR)
    • The program must satisfy the Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS) for Health and Physical Education. The CCCS may be found on the NJ Department of Education website at: state.nj.us/education/
    • The program must be taught/organized by a qualified professional/person.
    • The program must be a full year and satisfy NJ State Statute 18A: 35-5, 7 and 8 which requires 150 minutes of participation in physical education weekly.
    • The student will not be exempt from Drivers Education or Health.
    • Students receiving approval for Option II PE will be placed in STUDY HALL for three marking periods and Health/Driver’s Education for the remaining quarter.
    • Grading is PASS/FAIL based on the professional judgment of the students’ Physical Education teacher.

    A student who is granted permission for Option II Physical Education will be required to:

    • Maintain a log of hours to be submitted weekly to their assigned Physical Education Teacher. Both the student and their coach/advisor must sign the log.  A form will be provided for this purpose.
    • Complete and submit to their teacher a weekly journal entry. This journal entry will:
      • Indicate both a specific Physical Education Standard and a Cumulative Progress Indicator (CPI) that is applicable to their activity
      • Write a minimum of two paragraphs to support how and what they did to achieve proficiency in the CPI.
    • Students are responsible for meeting the minimum of 150 minutes per week requirement.
    • Students must explain the link to the PE CCCS in their journal.