• Clouds In The Classroom - FOR KIDS:
    Submitting Assignments WITHOUT a flash drive! - Use our graphic organizer to help you determine the best way to submit projects electronically to your teacher without the use of a flash drive!
    DROPitTOme (For Students) - Discover how to use DROPitTOme to submit an assignment directly to your teacher's Dropbox account!
    Creating & Sharing Google Docs - Uncover how to create and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from your Gmail account.
    Creating a Gmail Account - Learn how to create a Gmail Account. Please note - according to Google's Terms of Service, you MUST be 13 years or older to open a Google account.
    Clouds In The Classroom - FOR TEACHERS: 
    Google Drive - Discover how to access Google Docs and your Google Drive directly from your Gmail account. Real-time collaboration is just a click away!!!
    DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from anyone...directly to your Dropbox account!
    Remind101 - A list of FAQs and permission slip to distribute to students to start using Remind101 in your classroom! 
    Google Cloud Print - A step-by-step guide to set up Google Cloud Print on your Chromebook!
    Webcasts: Click on a title to view the video on our Vimeo channel! 
    What's New In ActivInspire 1.6? - Promethean has updated their software and included some phenomenal new features! Find out what's new in the latest version of ActivInspire! Among the topics we will cover are:
    • Pen Tool Right Click Feature
    • Page Extender
    • Equation Editor
    • Embedding HTML 
    • And More!!!!

    To download the original video file, click HERE

    Integrating The Promethean ActivExpressions With Study Island - Discover the steps to create an engaging and interactive study session for your students!
    Integrating The Promethean ActivExpressions With BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr. - Discover the steps to not only create an engaging assessment for your students, but also access immediate data to inform your instructional decisions.
    What's New In ActivInspire 1.6? - View/Download the flipchart used in Webcast 12.1
    What's New? - View/Download additional information on many of the updates/features covered in Webcast 12.1!
    ActivExpressions in the Classroom - A step-by-step guide to registering the devices, inserting questions with the Question Manager, utilizing the Express Poll, and exporting data to Microsoft Excel. 
    Creating Self-Paced Assessments With ActivExpressions - A step-by-step guide to creating dynamic self-paced learning experiences for your students!
    ActivExpressions & Study Island - A step-by-step instructional guide to utilize the ActivExpressions with Study Island!
    ActivExpressions & BrainPOP - A step-by-step instructional guide to integrate the ActivExpressions with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.
    Embedding YouTube Videos - A step-by-step instructional guide to embed YouTube videos into your flipchart!
    Additional Resources:
    ActivInspire Command List - List of ActivInspire commands and shortcuts. Thanks, Kelly!!
    The Promethean ActivTips are a series of short video tutorials on a variety of functions within ActivInspire. You can access these videos by clicking the image below:
     Check out our ever-growing series of videos on the latest and greatest instructional technologies! 
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