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  •  summer  

    First Day of School- September 4, 2018

    Delayed Openings Gr. 1-­5

      10:30 AM - 3:30 PM


    Delayed Openings Gr. K

    10:30 AM - 12:30 PM=  AM Session

    1:30 PM - 3:30 PM= PM Session


    Delayed Openings Pre-K

    10:30 AM - 12:30 PM=  Half Day AM Session

    1:30 PM - 3:30 PM= Half Day PM Session

    10:30 PM - 2:30 PM= Full Day

    September 3-28, 2018

    Back to School Night
    September 12th; 6pm-8pm= Grades: Preschool, K, LLD, 1, & 2
    September 13th; 6pm-8pm= Grades: 3, 4, 5
    *Please Parents/Guardians ONLY*

    Lincoln is excited to welcome the following new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year:
    ~Wendy Williams, Head Secretary
    ~Sarah Brennessel, CST
    ~Shaine Sasso, CST
    ~Richard Muller, Custodian
    ~Erica Lepinsky, 1st Grade Teacher
    ~Diana Pecorino, 1st Grade Teacher
    ~Emily Penrose, 1st Grade Teacher
    ~Caroline Leight, 3rd Grade Teacher
    ~Lylloth Brown, 4th Grade Teacher
    ~Art Sorkin, 4th Grade Teacher
    ~Sabrina Leshnower, PSD Half Day
    ~Hrisanthi Palamo, PSD Full Day
    ~Boskie Shah, AP K-2
    ~Theresa Blair, Math Specialist
    ~Jennifer Wandras, Speech
    ~Kristine Lambert, PE Teacher
    ~Babita Khanna, Paraprofessional
    ~Colleen Mount, Paraprofessional
    ~Jayasree Natarajan, Paraprofessional
    ~Lara Ribeiro, Paraprofessional




    Lincoln School is an exciting place to learn and grow!

    Lincoln Elementary School provides students with a safe, productive and engaging learning environment that leads to academic success and social development. The staff is committed to guiding and inspiring students to learn, grow and achieve to become stronger students, caring friends and engaged citizens.


    Learning at Lincoln is student-centered; students often learn by participating in work stations, conducting experiments, or cooperatively working with others on inquiry-based projects.  The pace of student learning is set by our comprehensive, rigorous, and standards-based curriculum, but also by the needs of the students.  One way teachers assist and empower students in taking responsibility for their learning is through the full integration of technology.  At Lincoln, we take pride in utilizing many resources to enrich our teaching and learning.  Teachers use interactive Promethean Boards in their classrooms during instruction. Students use Chromebooks and IPads to enhance their learning in all content areas.  All students in grade K-1 have access to their own IPad and all students in grades 2-5 have their own Chromebook.  Our twenty-first century library offers many opportunities for the students to demonstrate their learning on additional computers and IPads.


    At Lincoln, we believe in the importance of educating the whole child.  Our character education program educates our students on the six pillars of character. Teachers encourage them to become productive citizens in our community by making thoughtful decisions and by collaboratively solving problems.  The students are acknowledged for demonstrating positive behaviors.  During the year, the students at Lincoln display leadership by participating as a Safety Patrol member, providing suggestions through Student Council, and being a member of other clubs and activities.  We are proud to offer students access to participate in Student Council, choir, Geography Club, an Odyssey of the Mind team, a student newspaper, in addition to other clubs and activities.  Through our character education program and the various clubs and activities offered to students, they leave Lincoln not only stronger academically, but also stronger members of our community with varied interests and skills.


    Together with the help of the entire learning community, Lincoln Elementary School continues to provide students with a nurturing learning environment where academic and personal excellence can be achieved.