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Ms. Kristine Riley
 The Gifted and Talented Program ensures that identified students are challenged in addition to the already rigorous elementary curriculum.  Students identified as Gifted and Talented in grades Kindergarten through grade two are provided the opportunity to participate in an Inquiry Challenge Project and are supported in their classroom by their teacher in consultation with the Gifted and Talented teacher. 
Students in grades three through five benefit from working with Gifted and Talented faculty in smaller class sizes outside the general education classroom once a week for two hours.  They utilize a problem-based learning approach to math while addressing the Common Core State Standards at higher grade levels.  Two units of iSTEM (integrative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experiences provide opportunities to participate in the creative design process that extends the science curriculum. 
To meet the new challenges of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, a unit on Poetry Appreciation has been included.  Students work at higher grade levels of standards to be challenged and scaffolded to read and comprehend poems in the advanced grade text complexity band proficiently.   The Gifted and Talented Curriculum Guide will continue to grow and evolve as the program strives to meet the needs of its gifted learners.