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Academy of Science

Academy of Science (AOS) is a highly selective science-based club that performs genuine research in Molecular Genetics and science-related community service. Currently AOS is participating in Rutgers' Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP). The WSSP is one of few programs where teachers and students work alongside university researchers to learn how to apply modern principles of molecular biology in the natural world in effort to publish DNA sequences on the NCBI server, an international 'bank' of genetic sequences. Students in AOS will be genuine published authors of DNA sequence(s) if they complete the program effectively. In addition to Genetics Research, AOS supports all of the JPS Science Teachers by providing them with Server Space for individual teacher websites.


Science Technology Club

JPS Science and Technology is a competition based club that not only enables students to use their engineering side to express themselves, but also encourages them to apply the science that they have learned throughout their academic years. The competitions fall under various categories to include Physics Olympics, Chemistry Olympics, Science Bowl, and Science League. Although competitions mainly dominate the club calendar, volunteering opportunities are also incorporated into the year’s events. Early in the school year, students visit Liberty Science Center during National Chemistry Week to provide children with themed science demonstrations. Towards the conclusion of the school year, we take our scientific knowledge on the road once again to explore basic science principles with students from elementary school latchkey programs. If you are interested in joining JPS Science and Technology Club, please contact us at or notify Mrs. Lumsden or Mrs. Pittenger in rooms B1 and B3.


Knowledge Masters

The JPS Knowledge Masters teams compete in the Knowledge Master Open (KMO), a semiannual worldwide multiple-choice academic competition.  Over 45,000 students from more than 3000 middle and high schools throughout the world compete in questions about history, current events, geography, literature, English grammar, mathematics, science, fine arts and other trivia topics.  All grade levels are invited to try out for the team each September in run-off tests.  Students with top scores participate in two competitions held each year which may lead to invitations to national competition.  JPS KM student members often place among the top teams in the country!

Math League

The JPS Math League is a monthly competitive team open to students with excellent math ability and interest.  Participants travel to different schools in central NJ and test their skills against the best and brightest from other schools in the region.  Topics covered by the sixty-minute mathematics exam range from algebra and geometry to trigonometry and combinatorics.  Top individual students may qualify for advancement to the American Regions Mathematics League each June.  The prestigious JPS Math League team has enjoyed great success, and looks forward to upholding its tradition of excellence!





Science League

The JP chapter of Science League is a club that specializes in competing with other schools across the state in various disciplines of science, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Students are asked to function in subject teams once they pass an entrance examination, in which they will be part of a 4 month competition series under the leadership of their team captain to win state and individual awards. We seek students who understand and exemplify the values of education and scientific interest to contribute to a successful year. Through this club, new members will be motivated to excel in their studies, as we ultimately hope for all involved to gain a sense of self-confidence in their increasing knowledge of the subject area.


Science Olympiad

Students participating in the Science Olympiad attend and compete in several tournaments during the school year.  These tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events which students prepare for throughout the school year.  The competitions follow the format of popular board games, TV shows, and athletic games.  These challenging and motivational events are well balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology.  There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.  Students from all grade levels are encouraged to apply, however, the application process is highly competitive as there are only 20 students who compete in the tournaments. 



Students are invited to take part in academic competitions as a result of teacher/supervisor recommendations.  After rigorous practice sessions, teams representing JPS are selected to participate in various competitions that focus on specific areas of the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards.  It is mandatory that team members commit to one practice session per week after school.

Tournaments include educationally challenging activities in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The events emphasize the ability to think critically, solve problems as part of a team, and communicate effectively.  Teams have the opportunity to participate in the following events:  The New Jersey Challenge, broadcast on New Jersey’s public television network; the Rutgers/Princeton Bowl; and the Bridgewater-Raritan Invitational Tournament of Excellence (B.R.I.T.E.) which may lead to a national competition.


The Arts

Art Club

The Art Club meets every other week from 2:35-4:00 p.m. and is open to all students.  Members have the chance to draw and improve their skills as artists.  One does not have to be enrolled in a school art class in order to join the club.  Each year we create many art activities for the school and community.  We have created winter and summer posters to cover the walls at the JFK Pediatric Rehab to make it bright and cheery for all the children, made holiday cards to give to the elderly and terminally ill in Roosevelt Hospital and the Veterans Home, made Halloween decorations to participate in the Halloween at the High, and much more.  Etching glass for gifts, painting ties, and entering poster contests are just a few of the things we do in art club each year.  No project is required and everything is for fun.



Freshman Band

 This band is open to all incoming freshmen and meets as a 5 credit class every day.  Band members are required to take a weekly lesson during their study hall and attend the three major concerts (Holiday/December, Winter/February, Spring/May) throughout the school year.  Performance in this band is a pre-requisite for placement in the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  Students in this band are eligible to attend our annual spring trip. 


Symphonic Band

 Students in this class receive 5 credits and this group is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors.  The band meets as a class every day and has the same requirements as Freshman Band.  The literature for this band is more advanced and offers more performance opportunities than the Freshman Band.  Students in this band are also eligible to attend our annual spring trip.

Wind Ensemble

 This ensemble consists of a select group of students performing the most advanced music.  The ensemble meets as a class every day as a course for which students may receive Honors credit beginning their second year of participation in the group.  Members have the same requirements as those in Freshman Band and Symphonic Band, but with additional performance opportunities.  Such performances have included chamber ensemble performances, Regional Concert Band Festivals, and the NJ State Gala.  In 2007, the JPS Wind Ensemble was invited to perform at prestigious Carnegie Hall.  This ensemble has been selected to perform at the State Gala Concert for the past six years and has received superior ratings throughout the state.  Students in this ensemble are expected to attend the annual spring trip.  The majority of these students also study privately outside of school in order to perform at such an advanced level.  Students are selected for the wind ensemble by audition.  Auditions take place each May.


Lab Jazz Band

This Lab Jazz Band meets every Thursday after school from 2:45-5:00 P.M. starting in the month of November.  Any student playing saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass or drums may audition for participation in this group.  The Lab Jazz Band performs at various festivals and competitions throughout the year, culminating with our annual spring trip and Jazz Extravaganza.  In 2007, the JPS Lab Jazz Band was awarded third place at the State Jazz Finals.  The emphasis of this band is placed on learning the various genres of jazz including swing, Latin and ballads. This band is a prerequisite for the Jazz Ensemble. 


Jazz Ensemble

 The Jazz Ensemble meets every Monday and Thursday after school from 2:45-5:00 p.m. starting in the month of November.  This ensemble has the same instrumentation as the Lab Jazz Band, and students are selected for the group by audition.  This performing group is involved in numerous festivals and competitions culminating with the annual spring trip, State Jazz Band finals and the Jazz Extravaganza.  The band has received superior ratings at every festival attended and was selected as the NJIAJE State Jazz Band Champions in 1998, 2000 and 2004.







 Marching Band

 The intense marching season begins with band camp, held for a week and a half in late August.  When school begins, practices take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school.  The marching band performs at all the football games and competes every weekend (Saturday or Sunday) from the end of September through early November when championships are held.  Anyone who is willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication will be rewarded with a great musical experience. 


Pit Band

 The Pit Band is a select group of musicians chosen by the band director who perform the music that accompanies the Musical Theater during its annual spring musical.  Rehearsals take place throughout the month of February and into early March.  A member of the Pit Band will learn what it is like to create music behind the scenes for the actors on stage.


Indoor Guard

 The J. P. Stevens Indoor Guard makes music come to life by using various pieces of equipment, such as flags or sabers, with dance incorporated into every move.  Each year the Indoor Guard competes at various high schools throughout New Jersey.  Practice is held in the evening on Tuesdays and every other Friday, as well as Saturdays prior to a competition, from December through April.  The final competition is held on the annual band trip.  All students are welcome to try out, no experience is necessary. 



Recognized as one of the finest choral programs in the State of New Jersey, the John P. Stevens Choirs continue to strive for excellence in the choral art.  Most recently, this choral program has been nationally ranked as a superior program by members of the Festival of Gold, a national festival of choral music.  There are five choices that meet during or after school


Concert Choir  

This is the largest choral ensemble at J.P. Stevens; every student in the choir program is a member of Concert Choir. The choir meets during every school day, split between two class periods. There is also an additional rehearsal every Thursday after school. The Concert Choir performs at the Holiday and Spring Concerts, as well as other fundraising events throughout the year. In addition, Concert Choir attends the annual Choir and Orchestra trip in the spring. The repertoire performed by Concert Choir is a wide variety of SATB music which spans all time periods and genres.


A Cappella

This is the entry-level auditioned choir at J.P. Stevens. Students interested in auditioning for A Cappella must be able to hold their voice part in a quartet. A Cappella meets as a class every school day, as well as the full ensemble rehearsal every Monday evening. All members of A Cappella also sing in Concert Choir. The J.P. Stevens A Cappella Choir has been very successful throughout the years at chorus festivals including the Roxbury Invitational, where they were awarded First Place Grand Champion in 2011 and 2012.   A Cappella Choir performs at the Holiday Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as fundraising events and the annual Choir and Orchestra trips in the spring.  Repertoire performed in this choir is mainly SATB music both diverse and challenging.



Men's and Women's Ensembles

These are two separate groups consisting of all men and women in A Capella, as well as others who audition from Concert Choir. These ensembles meet every Wednesday after school hours.


Chamber Choir

This is the most select choir at J.P. Stevens. New members are admitted to Chamber only at the end of each academic year, through a rigorous audition process. Students are evaluated on part singing, tonal quality, blend, musicianship, and sight-reading ability. Chamber meets every school day, as well as Monday evenings. Along with competition, Chamber is heavily involved in many fundraising and community service events throughout the year. The Chamber Choir received highest ratings for both their performance and sight-singing at the NJ-ACDA Festival in 2013.  Repertoire performed is of the highest quality and difficulty, and mostly of a level equal to university and professional choirs.


French Alliance

French Alliance is the combination of French Club and French Honor Society. Our mission is to help develop a greater appreciation for the French language and culture through such activities as French film nights, potluck dinners, food parties, and restaurant trips. The club is open to the entire school.

Improv Theater

Improv Theater challenges you to think on your feet, cooperate with your teammates, and join in the creation of amazing new adventures every week.  The Improv Team is instructed in the techniques of improvisatory acting.  Students rehearse specific exercises in preparation for performances scheduled throughout the year in cooperation with the J. P. Stevens Theater Company.  Novices are always welcome.


International Thespians

Students with outstanding participation in and dedication to the J. P. Stevens Theater Company may gain eligibility for induction into the International Thespian Society


Italian Club

You don't need to be Italian or speak the language to join Italian Club. If you enjoy Italian culture - food, music, art, soccer - and are interested in learning more about Italy, this is the club for you!  Some of our events include a soccer tournament (final match is teachers against students), Nutella bake sale on World Nutella Day, and karaoke night. Come check out Italian Club for yourself at our first meeting! 



The JPS Orchestra is open to any violin, viola, cello or bass player.  Woodwind, brass, and percussion parts are available, but limited to recommendation by the band director.  Seating is based upon ability.  It is expected that string students take the class, which meets every day.  Students in the class will get first preference for auditioning for Region and All-State orchestras.

 Symphonic orchestra performs two concerts per year: The holiday concert in December and the Spring Concert in May.  Two dress rehearsals will be scheduled to meet from 5 to 7 P.M. on two evenings prior to these concerts. The String Orchestra performs at the concerts listed above, as well as many other performances throughout the year, such as the Café Night in February, the District Festival in March and the “Good News” concert in April.  These students will compete in a Music Festival on our trip in the spring.

JP Stevens Theatre Company

The JPS Theatre Company has become a renowned part of the school's Visual and Arts   Departments by putting on high caliber theatrical productions year after year.  With a straight play in the fall, a musical in the spring, as well as many other smaller productions year round, students not only get the chance to show case their talents, but to make friends and memories that will last way beyond high school.  For actors, it is encouraged that students take the Theatre Arts class in order to learn theatre history and basic acting skills that will develop their performance skills on stage. A student enrolled in the honors Theatre Arts class earns the chance to have separate auditions and rehearsals that take place in class for the main stage productions. However, everyone and anyone are welcome to join the company as an actor or a techie. For students who wish to be in on the technical side of the theatre, they will be trained by upperclassman during the preparation and run of the main stage productions in their chosen field of backstage work, such as lighting, sound, set design, costumes, art, and make-up, in order to one day be a technical leader of the theatre company themselves. Whether it’s on stage, back stage, or in class, students are sure to have a great time as a member of the JPS Theatre Company as well as be a part of amazing theatrical productions. Be sure to attend our beginning of the year and mid-year Open Theatre meetings to get all the information on becoming a company member!




Community Service



An Edison Municipal Alliance run, JP Stevens sponsored club that empowers young men and women to make a difference and to be the change in the community and at John P. Stevens.  Our organization has worked closely in the past with Lakeview School and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Our students have created the WE ARE SEMINARS that seek to battle the issues that affect our students the most: bullying, drugs, depression, etc.


Interact is the high-school outreach organization of Rotary International, a worldwide organization of more than 1.2 million business, professional and community leaders.  Together Interact and Rotary International provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and work to build goodwill and peace in the world.  Each year the JPS Interact Club completes various local community service projects and at least one project designed to further international understanding and support.



The purpose of JPawS (J P Stevens for Animal Welfare) is to educate the students and the community about animal welfare issues and laws affecting the well-being of animals, in our state, in our country and throughout the world. The club provides an opportunity for students to: (1) support local shelters and rescues by doing community service, and provide funding and supplies to benefit homeless animals; (2) understand the importance of being responsible and compassionate individuals and care for other living beings; (3) recognize the interconnectedness between all living things, the environment and the world in which we live.




Key Club International

The Key Club is the junior version of Kiwanis International. The Key Club is consistently cited for its outstanding work in raising funds for a variety of organizations. Some of these include Children's’ Specialized Hospital, Hands of Hope food pantry in Edison as well as the Eliminate Project to name a few. It has also been recognized for its extensive tutoring and Latch Key Programs in James Madison Primary, James Madison Intermediate and Menlo Park Schools. This exemplifies the types of community service projects the organization supports. This important group teaches students the value of giving back to the community that graciously supports our schools. Although the Key Club is a service organization, members do know how to have fun as well. For example, each fall they attend a rally at Great Adventure and in the spring they journey to the district Key Club convention. The Key Club continues to receive awards and recognition as well as a consistent presence on state board.


Environmental Club (SEA)

By being a part of the SEA, students will tackle projects that deal with the local environment. They work to make the school and community more environmentally friendly. Samples past activities have included: campus clean-ups, volunteering at the local Earth Day celebration, energy audit of the school, and the students created a recycled bottle cap mural. If you have great ideas and are motivated to make a change, join the SEA!




Honor Societies


National Art Honor Society

The local JPS chapter of National Art Honor Society provides an opportunity for its members to expand the bounds of their creativity, as well as providing various community services.  NAHS performs community service functions, such as painting murals or windows at community businesses, creating holiday cards for elderly at Roosevelt Hospital or Veterans Home, and much more.  The members also volunteer their time and talent to much more.  The members also volunteer their time and talent to beautify the school by painting murals and other art work in classrooms and department offices.  Membership is open to sophomore, junior and senior students that have completed at least one year of art at J.P. Stevens with at least an A- average in addition to at least a B- in all other academic areas.  Prospective applicants must also receive a recommendation from a faculty member in addition to one from their art teacher.


National English Honor Society

The English National Honor Society (NEHS) recognizes outstanding student performance in the discipline of English.  Candidates who are in the top 20% of their class, have earned an “A-“ average in all honors English classes, and  have completed at least one full academic year at JPS are eligible to be nominated into the society.  NEHS members provide their time to the school community by hosting a Writer’s Clinic each month.









National French Honor Society

The French Honor Society is dedicated to promoting the study of French and higher standards of scholarship, rewarding high academic achievement, creating enthusiasm for an understanding of francophone culture and civilization and promoting international friendship.  If you have demonstrated superior performance in French (A- average for the last two years), are currently in French 4 or 5, and have a B overall average, you are eligible to apply.  Inductions take place in October.

National Honor Society

Each spring a committee of faculty members convenes to study the petitions of the juniors and seniors who have qualified academically for the National Honor Society.  Each prospective member must provide evidence that he or she has participated in a variety of school and/or community services, and has demonstrated strong leadership capabilities.  Those whom faculty members feel have fulfilled the requirements are then initiated into the society in a solemn induction ceremony.  The National Honor Society is a bestowed honor based on academic achievement, service, character, and leadership.

 The National Honor Society remains the most prestigious and recognized honor association for high school students.  The members are considered very carefully by the colleges to which they apply.  Admission into the society is a lifelong source of pride to its members.

Once one becomes a member of the National Honor Society, there are responsibilities to fulfill.  Members must continue to volunteer their services in school and community events.  Additionally, members of the National Honor Society must continue to show exceptional character and leadership in order to retain membership status.


National Science Honor Society

This new society provides recognition to high achieving students who endeavor to quench their thirst for scientific knowledge and possibly pursue careers pertaining to science.  However, SNHS is also real world experiences.  The officers and advisors wish to provide their new members opportunities to experience a mélange of different scientific experiences from trips to activities to community service opportunities.  Members will be required to take an active role in the club and to keep up the standards which first allowed them entry (B+ average in high school and having been in at least one honors science course). Applicants will be accepted based on exemplary academics, an active role in the community and their continuing interest in science.  Students are encouraged to include with the application any material that pertains to the application, such as certificates.  Also, they will be required to have a science teacher fill out the teacher recommendation form.  The applicants will be reviewed by a committee and notified of their status.


National Latin Honor Society

The National Latin Honors Society awards students not only for their high academic achievements in Latin, but also for maintaining outstanding grades in their core classes. These students are to be lauded for being active participants in their local and national chapters of the National Junior Classical League. These students also exemplify good citizenship among their school community.





Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

The Spanish Honor Society is an organization dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture.  It rewards students interested in studying the language who have maintained a high average in their course of study.  Students who are currently enrolled in Spanish 4 or Spanish 5 are considered for membership into the organization.  The induction ceremony takes place in October.


National Social Studies Honor Society

Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership.  Students must have attained a minimum non-weighted GPA of 3.65 and a cumulative history grade of A- (3.67). Students must submit a writing sample and a signature of recommendation from the current history teacher. 


National Technical Honor Society

The mission of the NTHS is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence and enhance career opportunities for its member through career and technical education.  The NTHS is dedicated to:

·         Providing recognition for outstanding students in career and technical education

·         Creating new and emerging relationships between the educational community and business and industry

Honor society leaders and members plan and conduct an annual Career Day where JPS students in career and technical classes meet with the members of the local business community to discuss careers and ways to achieve success in the workplace. 


Tri-M Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for middle/junior high and high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Through more than 5,500 chartered chapters, Tri-M has helped thousands of young people provide years of service through music in schools throughout the world. Tri-M is a program of the National Association for Music Education.



Literary Publications


Literary Magazine (INK)

 INK is the school’s literary and art magazine.  Club members read, discuss and critique students’ literary submissions as well as publish two magazines a year (a mini-issue in the winter and a full-length issue in the spring).  Each club member votes on what pieces he or she would like to see included in the magazine.  Another feature of INK is its poetic bulletin board that is located across from the nurse’s office. Club members develop this bulletin board and showcase students’ original work on a monthly basis.

Aside from creating the magazine, members of INK submit their writing for competition and professional publication beyond the school community.  Recently, students have been published in Teen Ink and The Incandescent Donut. Club members also attend various writing conferences, including the Middlesex County Writing Conference and the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival.

Meetings are every other week, on Mondays.  INK accepts submissions of poetry, drama, short stories, memoirs and art work from the student body.  Even if you are not a member of the club, please drop off your submissions in room 205 or in Mr. Carrillo’s mailbox.

Yearbook (Regalis)

Regalis, our yearbook, has twice received a Pacemaker Finalist award from the National Scholastic Press Association, placing it among the top 56 yearbooks in the nation.  It has received All-American Honors with Four Marks of Distinction from NSPA and Gold Medalist awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

 Editors and staff are chosen in the spring; they begin thematic and layout decisions in May, and work on the book from September through April, eagerly anticipating delivery of the yearbook in June.  The work is challenging and the hours are long, but the end result is rewarding.  The staff works daily in the yearbook room, using such computer programs as Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Yeartech.  A field trip in the fall to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association convention helps to inspire staff with new ideas.


Newspaper (Hawkeye)

The Hawkeye is JP Stevens’ own student-run newspaper. Published at least four times a year, The Hawkeye is administered by a talented and hard-working team of writers, editors, artists, photographers, and business associates and managers. Our main writing staff consists of students with varying writing styles, perspectives, and interests spread across four sections – Opinion, News, Features, and Sports – that together cover virtually all aspects of student life, as well as topics concerning our society at large. For each issue, staff writers and columnists discuss and are assigned topics.  The articles are submitted to editors and assistant editors, who correct mistakes and make stylistic improvements before arranging articles, photographs, artwork, and advertisements on finalized page layouts. Photographers and artists work with editors to provide artwork or photos that complement articles. The Hawkeye’s Business Department meets with local businesses to sell advertising space and conducts fundraisers to cover Hawkeye’s production costs. As a whole, the Hawkeye team consists of students with diverse talents and skills, all contributing to the success of an award winning newspaper. The Hawkeye has also been at the forefront of numerous community service projects and is an annual participant in school events such as JP Day. The Hawkeye also has a proud tradition of success among its alumni. Two past Editors-in-Chief – Yahui Liang ’11 and Jullian Bao ’13 – were both named New Jersey’s Journalist of the Year by the Garden State Scholastic Press Association, in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Undergraduate institutions attended by past Hawkeye editors include Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, the University of Chicago, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Stern School of Business at New York University.










FCCLA is a dynamic national student organization that helps its members develop leadership and expands student experiences through community and school service projects.  The organization offers a program or activity for every interest.  The only qualification for participation in the activities is a desire to have fun!  In addition to participation in competitive events and leadership conferences, members can:

Participate in many community outreach projects. Earn the opportunity to serve as a local, state or national officer. Develop public speaking skills. Network with members from across the state at NJ leadership conferences. Participate in the 2012 National Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Achieve personal goals. Develop leadership skills. Address important teen issues such as youth violence and take positive action. Prepare for and investigate a career. Receive recognition for achievements on chapter, state and national levels.

Join FCCLA, the Ultimate Leadership Experience!


H.A.W.K.S. (Helping Another Wonderful Kid Succeed)

 This is a mentoring program in which the school leaders give their time to introduce JPS to all newcomers.  The primary activities of H.A.W.K.S. are to provide a full day orientation for incoming 9th graders in August, meet with each 9th grade homeroom on at least a monthly basis, and to meet with groups of 8th grade students from January through June to help prepare them for high school.  Additionally, any new students who enter the school will receive a tour of the building, and any JPS student can be paired with a “buddy” to help him or her get the most of the JPS experience.  H.A.W.K.S. also encourages participation in community service outside of the school.  Potential new members are eligible to apply in the spring of any high school year.


Student Council

Its primary objectives are to address and to assist student concerns about our school and to sponsor beneficial programs to promote school spirit and make community needs a priority. In addition, we promote good character by incorporating the six pillars into our events and meetings. Involvement in the Student Council gives you a chance to develop roles as leaders.  Leadership traits acquired through our organization last a lifetime! Student Council is responsible for overseeing many of the prime events our students enjoy coming to and establish our role in the community. Right from the start, we help make freshmen students feel more welcomed to our community with a Freshmen Social. Here, upper-classmen and other students run icebreakers and get to know you games. Likewise, our big events, such as JPS Got Talent and Mr. JPS shows are sold out and provide great entertainment. Our donations to the student body, school, and community do not go unnoticed. Our contributions leave an unprecedented mark on our school. Being part of this fantastic organization is easy to join! Each March or April, in a school-wide election, the future Student Council officers are elected for the next school year.  To run for Student Council office, one must fulfill the academic requirements and have some experience in Student Council functions.  Each September every homeroom elects one representative and an alternate to make the required monthly meeting. To remain a member in good standing, the representative must participate in all Student Council events. The Executive Board, consisting of Committee heads, is appointed through evaluations in their rigorous applications in May. Homeroom representatives are expected to report to their homerooms all the news and information they received and recorded in the monthly meetings.  They should let the student body be aware of what the Student Council offers to them. You can always take an active role in your Student Council by joining a committee. Try to listen to the morning announcements every day to find out what you can do to be a part of an organization where you grow, learn, and make lasting memories. The Student Council room is upstairs next to Room 238B. Stop by any time to get involved!




Aerospace Club

The JP Aerospace Club is dedicated to aerospace engineering, design, and space exploration.  This is a very interesting growing field that is not often addressed in school science courses.  The club provides lectures and intellectual conversation about space-related topics.  It is also involved in various competitions, which encompass many aspects of learning, including writing, art, physics, math, medical knowledge, research, and collaboration.  New members need not have any experience in aerospace, just an interest in the field and a love of fun and learning.


Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

CCF provides a place where Christians can come to unwind at the end of a long, stressful week of school with fellow brothers and sisters who provide support and prayer for each other.  Meeting every Friday, our activities range from icebreaker games, praise songs, Bible studies and discussions.  Our main event for the year is the annual Revival in April.  In addition, we prepare and serve meals for the Ozanam Shelter, in Edison.  You don’t have to be Christian to join us; just come with an open mind.

Courtyard Club

Do you enjoy working outdoors, planting flowers, weeding, and spreading mulch?  If you appreciate the beauty of flowers and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then the courtyard club is for you.  The club maintains the JPS courtyard and meets outdoors once a week (weather permitting) on Fridays during the months of September, October, November, March, April, May and June.  During December, January, and February, the club meets once a month (first Friday of the month).  Stop by Room 112 to obtain more information.


Are you interested in leadership roles, understanding business concepts, and community service? If so, then FBLA might be the after school activity for you. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the world’s largest Business Education program with over 250,000 members nationwide. The club is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the fundamentals of business. FBLA members will be involved in community service activities, workshops, fundraisers and competitive events. Students have the opportunity to win awards at the regional, state, and national leadership conferences held during the year.   Members who attend them will have the chance to meet new people from other chapters throughout the state and country.  FBLA can help you make a difference, prepare you for the business world, and have a good time.







Future Teachers of America

FTA is open to all students and discusses issues pertinent to the teachers of the 21st century.  Junior and senior members visit elementary and middle schools to observe teachers in action, lend their assistance, and even teach an occasional lesson.  The teacher with whom the student works helps him/her plan and implements the lesson and evaluates his/her performance.  Ultimately the cooperating teachers help the students to decide if a career in education is right for them.

 Juniors and seniors applying to visit schools will be asked to submit two teacher recommendations and a note of commitment from themselves and a parent/guardian.  Students must be truly interested in a child related career and be committed to attending each visitation and meeting.  Leaving school for visitations is a great privilege and must be taken seriously.



The JPS Inventeam is a club supported by the MIT Lemelson program that seeks to create tangible solutions to several real world problems. The club is centered around a self-managing team that combines facets of outreach for sponsorship with engineering/innovation. The club, although oriented towards project success and efficiency, is a collective learning experience for both leaders and new members in building, designing, and creating. As we move away from the LifeSuit project, which was congratulated at Eurekafest this past summer, we seek new members who are willing to be a part of a dynamic and highly motivated team because although the work is strenuous, it is also very rewarding and worthwhile. Our new projects consist of novel biological alarm devices, the US Air Force Collaboratory problems, and new integrated transportation technologies. If you seek an application or have questions, please email


Latin Club

Latin Club is a recreational and academic extracurricular, open to any student at J.P. Stevens High School. We are recognized at the state and national levels for the promotion of Classical Languages and the Greco-Roman culture, for our involvement in community service and events, and for our excellence and success in a variety of multi-level competitions. In addition, the Latin Club also hosts a series of Classical Events, open to the school community, such as Roman Holidays, Chariot Races, Electronic Game Nights, and more! You do not have to know any Latin to be a part of the festivities!


Library Aides

Whether they help you find a book or point your web browser in the right direction, you can count on a JPS library aide to lend a helping hand. Being a library aide most assuredly has its advantages. You get to leave your study hall with all of its noise and commotion and spend time in a nice quiet atmosphere.  You learn how to use the front desk computer, checking out books to students and faculty.  Also, you help manage computer use by assigning computers to students.  Library Aides help organize and shelve books and magazines.  As a Library Aide, you will also check student passes, distribute items to mailboxes in the main office and help with general library maintenance. In order to become a Library Aide, stop into the library for an application.  It’s easy to complete.  We like to schedule two Library Aides per period so that our aides can work together to keep the library running smoothly. Throughout the year, we have fun helping students and teachers use the library and a Library Aide Trip is planned for the end of the year.  We hope you can join the staff!



Model United Nations

Model United Nations known as Model UN or MUN, goes on at least three major trips a year.  They go to competitions at William and Mary, The George Washington University, The University of Pennsylvania, and others.  The club also runs competitions and training sessions at the school throughout the year.  The club consistently scores high at every competition it attends.

 What does the club actually do? The club, as you can tell from the name, simulates the United Nations.  Participants are assigned a country to represent their policies in various committees.  The committees address such diverse and current issues from economics to the AIDS epidemic.

 Many students believe that MUN is an exclusive club.  However, any student interested in international affairs and public speaking is welcomes.


Odyssey of the Mind

The purpose of this organization is to compete in the OotM problems as presented by the National Chapter and to promote creative competition among the students.  Any student may be eligible to belong provided they are not failing any subject, is a member of the competing team, and is trustworthy and honest.



The JPS Robotics Team, known as the "Warhawks" are part of the international FIRST Robotics Competition. FRC combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, teams of 25 students or more are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors.  It’s as close to "real-world engineering" as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team.


Architecture Construction and Engineering Mentor Program (ACE)

As part of a national competition, students learn from industry professionals, i.e. architects, engineers, and others. Students team up to create a large scale design project which solves a real world set of parameters. 


Ski Club

Skiing and/or snowboarding are lifetime sports.  The Ski and Snowboard Club welcomes any students, grades 9 - 12 who would like to attend any or all of the club's trips this winter. Students of all abilities from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to participate in the club's scheduled trips.  Trips are held on Saturdays or Sundays and are a great way to make it to the mountain more often than you might be able to on your own, while also making friends. You will need warm clothing (preferably water proof), skies or snowboard (can be rented at the mountain or a local ski shop), the club highly advises you to wear a helmet and to ski or ride with a buddy at all times.  Come on a trip and fight the “winter time blues”.  THINK SNOW!!!