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Anti-Bullying Information

In January 2011, Governor Christie signed into law new legislation that is intended to strengthen standards for preventing, reporting, investigating and responding to incidents of bullying among students. The new law includes major changes to:

·        Definition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) (HIB definition - Gujarati translation - Spanish translation)

·        District staff function

·        Policy and procedures

·        Programs

·        Training requirements

·        Public reporting



The Public Schools of EdisonTownship are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its students and staff. The following information is being provided to the parents and community as we join together to safeguard and support our children in an environment that is positive and conducive to learning.

The District prohibits all acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

Click links to view the following Board policies:

Expectations for Pupil Conduct Board Policy #5500

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) Board Policy #5512

Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Acts Board Policy # 8465 
Click here to download the district HIB Training PowerPoint
Click here to download the HIB REPORTING FORM

        District-Wide Anti-Bullying Programs for 2014-2015

 October 6-10, 2014: “Week of Respect”

October 20-24, 2014: "School Violence Awareness Week"    


January 19-23, 2015: "No Name-Calling Week"   





  US Dept of Health and Human Services Website includes comprehensive information and tips on what adults can do and what children
  can do to prevent bullying: http://www.hhs.gov/


  National Crime Prevention Council – Website on Cyber-bullying: http://www.ncpc.org/topics/cyberbullying


  BetterKidz.Com - “Encouraging Respectful Behavior” -http://www.betterkidz.com/references/encouraging-respectful-behavior.html

  New Jersey State Bar Foundation
Anti-Bullying Websites 
http://www.antibullying.net - a website for parents who are concerned about the impact of bullying on their children now and in the future.
http://www.stopbullying.gov - a website designed for kids, teens, young adults, parents and the community. The website addresses cyberbullying and offers ideas on how to stop bullying.
http://www.bullying.org - the website is dedicated to increasing the awareness of bullying and to preventing, resolving, and eliminating bullying in society.
http://pacerkidsagainstbullying.org - an interactive, creative, and relevant bullying prevention website. This site is created for and by children.
http://netbullies.com - this website covers topics including why kids net bully. The website teaches prevention tactics against net bullying, information for schools, parents, the media, the police, and others in the community.


Early Learning Center School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Christopher Conklin, Administrator-in-Charge

Jannette Ball, Assistant Principal - Phone: 732-650-5200 ext.5295

Tina Carrino, Anti-Bullying Specialist & School Psychologist

Dawn Netzel, Supervisor

Jill Deakyne, Paraprofessional
Maureen McMullan, Teacher Representative
Debbie Stevens, Nurse

Maria Rueda, Parent Representative


FDR School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Christopher Conklin, Administrator-in-Charge

Jannette Ball, School Anti-Bullying Specialist  Phone:  732-452-2939

Angela Stewart, Anti-Bullying Specialist & School Social Worker 

Dawn Netzel, Supervisor 

Lurdes Luis, Administrative Assistant

Bonita Calloway, School Nurse

Stephanie Coppola, Teacher Representative

Shaily Narnolia, Parent Representative


Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Steven Preville, Principal

Traci SolaskyGuidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5300 ext.6001 Fax:732-650-5302

Kim Plodzien, 5thGrade Teacher-Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5300 ext.6001

Scott Ryan, Teacher Representative

Maria Steinheber, Teacher Representative
Angela Spohr, Parent Representative 

(Click the image above to watch the video "Be the G") 


James Madison Intermediate School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Michael J. Duggan, Principal

Margaret Huber, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2960 ext.3400 Fax: 732-452-2964

Joann Dulina, Curriculum Resource Teacher

Robert Buccino, Teacher Representative

David Cherence, Teacher Representative
Lynn Chonka, Teacher Representative 
Barbara Coscarelli, Teacher Representative
Casey Kennette, Teacher Representative 
Kenneth Molnar, Teacher Representative 
Jane Zirulnik, Teacher Representative 
Elizabeth Chang, Head Secretary

Paul Jenney, Facility Manager

Marion Mateicka, Nurse

Cindy Bonito, Parent Representative


James Madison Primary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Baninder Mahabir, Principal

Lia Abernathy, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2990 ext.6100 Fax:732-452-2994

Miguel Ballon, Teacher Representative 
Melissa Campesi, Teacher Representative 
Patricia Ellerman, Teacher Representative
Nicole Petruzzi, Teacher Representative
Gina Alcaide, Parent Representative
Michelle Sadarangani, Parent Representative


James Monroe Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Lynda Zapoticzny, Principal

Erin Bennett, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2970 ext.6200 Fax: 732-452-2975

Cynthia Reif, Teacher Representative

Cheryl Bell, Teacher Representative

Debra Sheehan, Teacher Representative

Lisa Romeo, Teacher Representative

Virginia Pattie, Teacher Representative
Sally Campbell, Facility Manager 
Michelle Levine, Nurse
Adora Jones, Parent Representative 


John Marshall Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Ami Hoffman, Principal

Douglas Ford, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5370 ext.6300 Fax: 732-650-5376

Kelly Amabile, Teacher Representative
Kristie McDonald, Teacher Representative

Catherine Pellicane, Curriculum Resource Teacher

Sharon Hochman, School Nurse
Amy Donner, Parent Representative


Lincoln Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Jill Cavuto, Principal

Kenneth Slusser, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5270 ext.6400 Fax: 732-650-5275

Larry Baldini, Facility Manager

Ann Timper, School Nurse

Brian Appelman, Teacher Representative

Janet Castillo, Teacher Representative

Brian Grzybowski, Teacher Representative

Ronald Zapoticzny, Teacher Representative

Roberto Rodriquez, Parent Representative 

Albert Battagliotti, Community Member 


Lindeneau Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Cynthia Tufaro, Principal

Kristin Johnson, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5320 ext.6501 Fax: 732-650-5322

Maritza Mosley-AvilesCurriculum Resource Teacher- Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5320 ext.6501

Cathy Collins, Teacher Representative
Donnamarie DeSantis, Teacher Representative
Frank Eckert, Teacher Representative
Marissa Kraemer, Teacher Representative
Kelly Ohlson, Teacher Representative
Cindy Reif, Teacher Representative
Arthur Sorkin, Teacher Representative
Linda Tsirikos, Teacher Representative
Karen Tufte, Teacher Representative
Carole Zalinsky, Teacher Representative
Barbara Forsythe, Nurse 
Harold Maxwell, Facility Manager 

Jennifer Westdyke, Parent Representative


Martin Luther King Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Diane Wilton, Principal

Melanie Nunziata, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2980 ext.6601 Fax: 732-452-2982

Richard Angulo, Teacher Representative
Megan Benson, Teacher Representative 

Diane Cohen, Teacher Representative

Gina Glazier, Teacher Representative
Sam Iacobone, Teacher Representative 
Andrea Riese, Teacher Representative

Deborah Vilensky, Teacher Representative

Cindy Meisner, Nurse

Lisa Kaste, Parent Representative

Shivi Prasad, Parent Representative 


Menlo Park Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Donna Abatemarco, Acting Principal

Lia Carde, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2910 ext. 6700 Fax: 732-452-2911

Ashley Bermingham, Teacher Representative

Sara Brady, Teacher Representative
Cathy Cadmus, Teacher Representative
Mary Czopek, Teacher Representative
Dina DiDominico, Teacher Representative
Beth Greenblatt, Teacher Representative
Tori Kowalsky, Teacher Representative
John Morvay, Teacher Representative
Fran Perillo, Teacher Representative
Allyson Price, Teacher Representative
Diane Ruiz, Teacher Representative
Maureen Fischetti, Teacher Representative
Alva Bonet, Teacher Representative 

Carynn Hale, Parent Representative


Washington Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Dalia Mirrione, Principal

Lora Scammacca, Guidance Counselor & Anti Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5280 ext. 6800 Fax: 732-650-5283
Jennifer Smith, Curriculum Resource Teacher - AlternateSchoolAnti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5280 ext. 6800

Jennifer Ales, Teacher Representative

Trisha Buehler, Teacher Representative
Alycia Devito, Teacher Representative
Katie Goldberg, Teacher Representative
Kristen Glus, Teacher Representative
Randi Hueston, Teacher Representative
Stacey Penny, Teacher Representative
Marion Petraccaro, Teacher Representative
Nicole Ribaudo, Teacher Representative 

Desiree Rosario, Teacher Representative

Generis Rullan, Teacher Representative
Christopher Samolewicz, Teacher Representative
Roulla Fanik, School Nurse

Teresa Mauldin, Facilities Manager 
Diane Westover, Administrative Assistant 
Christine Abbatemarco, Parent Representative


Woodbrook Elementary School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Nicole Cirillo, Principal

Kimberly SlizewskiGuidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2901 ext. 6900 Fax: 732-452-2904

Mary Mavroudas, Assistant Principal - Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist

Annette Inglese, Teacher Representative

Hema Rangaswami, Parent Representative


John Adams Middle School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Joan Valentine, Principal

Dr. Barbara HailesGuidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2920 ext. 3023 Fax: 732-452-2922
Joann Murphy, Head Counselor-Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2920 ext. 3006
Daniel Kelly, Assistant Principal

Chris White, Teacher Representative

Pear Sintumuang, Guidance Counselor
Ruchika Juneja, Parent Representative


Herbert Hoover Middle School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Brian McGrath, Principal

Nicole Davis Head Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2940 ext. 3100 Fax: 732-452-2949

Dr. Kelly Rappa, Assistant Principal -Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2940 ext. 3100

Lisa Jakub, Guidance Counselor 

Shannon Marasco, Teacher Representative
Joanne Masi, Head Guidance Counselor 

Susan Denton, Parent Representative

Aimee Hrehowsik, Parent Representative 


Thomas Jefferson Middle School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Antoinette Emden, Principal 

Elizabeth Ferry, Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5290 ext. 3220 Fax: 732-650-5295
Antoinette Emden, Principal - Alternate Anti-Bullying Specialist

Kenneth Saggese, Assistant Principal Alternate Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5290 ext. 3202 Fax: 732-650-5295

Kimberly McCoy, Head Guidance Counselor

Michelle Zaremba, Teacher Representative

Brian Biondi, Teacher Representative

Nicole Montilus, Teacher Representative

Dawn Gagnon, Parent Representative


Woodrow Wilson Middle School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Patricia Cotoia, Principal

Alyssa MonasterskyGuidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2870 ext. 3308 Fax: 732-452-2876

Michelle Kowaleski, Head Guidance Counselor -Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2870 ext. 3308

Daniel Karatz,Teacher Representative

Lori Holzhauer, Teacher Representative

Bruce Boikess, Teacher Representative

Scott Zederbaum, Parent Representative


Edison High School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Charles Ross, Principal

Joseph A. Ferrara, Assistant Principal & Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5200 ext. 5223 Fax: 732-650-5259

Sandra Schlatter,  Assistant Principal - AlternateSchoolAnti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-650-5200 ext. 5223
Mark Blevins, Teacher Representative
Arlene Rosenthal, Guidance Counselor
Ed Urbanski, Teacher Representative 

Rana Ali,  Parent Representative


John P. Stevens High School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialist

Gail Pawlikowski, Principal

Robert Urbanovich, Assistant Principal- Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2800 ext. 2837
Dr. Anthony Shallop, Assistant Principal & Alternate School Anti-Bullying Specialist - Phone: 732-452-2800 ext. 2840 Fax: 732-452-2863

Giuseppe Ilaria, Teacher Representative

Vacant, Guidance Supervisor 

Debbie Stevens, Parent Representative
Marjie Lobacz, Community Representative 


Dr. Richard O’Malley, Superintendent

Ms. Margaret DeLuca, Chief Academic Officer/Secondary Administrator

District Affirmative Action Officer

Ms. Tara Beams, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Grades PK-5 

Mr. Christopher Conklin, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil-Special Services

Mr. Daniel Michaud, Business Administrator

Mr. Peter Pitucco, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Sandra Reid, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator - Phone: 732-452-4900 ext. 4955