Welcome to the Principal's Challenge Page
Here you will find links to the Challenges.  Please make sure you know which Challenge you are taking.
Please make sure to listen to your teacher about how you will be timed for these Challenges. Your scores will be emailed to your school account.  
Each challenge has a page to input your grade, homeroom, and name.  The questions will begin on the next page.
Order  of Challenges

Addition A - Sums to 10

Addition B - Sums to 20

Subtraction A - Differences 0-10

Subtraction B - Differences 0-20

Rounding A  - Rounding 10s and 100s

Rounding B -  Rounding up to a million

Multiplication A - Factors 0-5

Multiplication B - Factors 6-10

Division A - Divisors 1-5

Division B - Divisors 6-10

Fractions A - Equivalent Fractions

Fractions B - Comparing Fractions

Fractions C - Simplifying Fractions