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  • Special Olympics

    On Monday 6-16-14, The SCA and LLD classes took a trip to Trenton to participate in a Special Olympics event. It was a great day and everyone had a fun time.

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  • Special Olympics

    On Monday 6-16-14, The SCA and LLD classes took a trip to Trenton to participate in a Special Olympics event. It was a great day and everyone had a fun time.

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  • Special Olympics

    On Monday 6-16-14, The SCA and LLD classes took a trip to Trenton to participate in a Special Olympics event. It was a great day and everyone had a fun time.

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               JMP Special Olympics 2014
JMP held our own Special Olympics event on Wednesday 6-11-14. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and we were forced to have the competition inside the gym. Regardless, in front of enthusiastic spectators, the athletes performed great.
 JMP Flag Day Celebration
JMP Students from Mrs. Caggiano & Ms. James' First Grade Class surprised an unsuspecting JPS Senior with a Scholarship, for her Essay she wrote on Bullying.

June Calendar
   clothing drive flyer


teacher of the year


Ms. James and Mrs. Caggiano would like to give you an update of a project their first grade class is currently working on.

1. We started a social media campaign to end bullying. It is called, "Choose your words like you choose your clothes." People spend such a long time in the morning picking out their clothes, and in the blink of an eye can say hurtful, damaging words to others using Facebook, twitter, snapchat etc.  Check out our pledge video! (This all began from a social media website we use called Edmodo.)


2.We created a pledge website for people to take our pledge.


3. Today, we are raising money to begin a scholarship fund that supports students who have been bullied or stood up for bullying. We want to share a message that they are not alone, and while they may feel that way, so many people are fighting the long battle on their side. We believe that every human being that comes to this planet has the right to be themselves. Our hopes are to change the consciousness by opening the dialogue and educating our youth.


Welcome to James Madison Primary School

Madison Primary School provides a positive learning environment, rich in literacy experiences and inquiry-based instruction, to students in kindergarten through grade two. 
Given the age of the children that we teach, our staff prides itself on their ongoing commitment to providing instruction that is developmentally appropriate and designed to meet the varied needs of our young learners. 
   Our students are immersed in children's literature as we build the foundation for life-long reading.  Quality literature serves as a springboard for our writing instruction.  Our students participate in math instruction that incorporates the development of foundational skills and strategies.  Equal to our rigorous academic instruction is our commitment to strong character development and pro-social skills instruction.  Our students learn from a young age the importance of cooperation and collaboration as they work with partners, in small groups, and engage in whole-class activities.

   Visitors to the building will immediately notice the bright atmosphere and positive feeling tone that the building exudes.  Children's work is found throughout the building in lively colorful displays.  The building reflects the energy and productivity of our young learners.

What's Happening at JMP

  • Mrs. Petagna's Class
    Mrs. Petagna’s class has been busy being “Patriotic!”  In order to prepare themselves for writing their 2nd grade essay, “What the American Flag Means to Me,” and becoming more aware of the school’s current “Character Pillar” - Citizenship, we have been studying the origins of the flag and other great American symbols like the “Statue of Liberty.”  To create a more personal connection to both concepts the class has been listening to and learning the words to patriotic songs such as Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”  Below is an example of one of the student essays and the class’s Citizenship display. 
    Ms. Robinson's Class

    We were happy to have combined our morning and afternoon classes for a fun and magical trip to the Staten Island Zoo. We began our adventure with the Farm Animals which included sheep, horses, mules, goats, and chickens who walked along with us. Peacocks graced us with their colorful plumes. Next we ventured into the snake and reptile exhibit which held the children in complete suspense. There was an excellent interactive activity here where the children were able to hear the sounds of different snakes and reptiles in their natural habitat. We then passed into the aquarium where the fish were being fed. The children were very interested in the strange appearance of the puffer fish which they wanted to learn more about. 


    After a short picnic lunch which our class mothers were kind enough to oversee, we were off to see the Big Cats which included two leopards and a lynx. Other attractions which caught the children's attention were the owls, red pandas, emus, llamas, foxes, and prairie dogs. Just before leaving, the children were particularly touched by the kangaroos whose young were sheepishly peeping out of their Mom's pouches. We learned that young kangaroos are called "joeys".


    The children could not help but share many of their fun zoo experiences on the ride home. The bus was humming all the way!!!



    Mrs. Filson & Ms. Maiorelli's Class
    K-3 has been very busy this month!  We published a class book with a real publisher. We can’t wait to share them with our parents. The morning class wrote about holidays and the afternoon wrote about all the things we learned in Kindergarten.  The ladybugs have arrived and have already changed from larvae to pupae. The highlight of the month was our trip to The Staten Island Zoo.  We saw all types of snakes, monkeys, farm animals and some exotic cats.  What a great time we had!

    Miss Markowitz, Mrs. Battagliola, and Miss Corrado's class had a fun day at Green Meadow Farm in Hazlet. All the children had a hands on experience when they got to pet goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, ducks, and rabbits. They even got to milk a cow named Daisy. It was a fun and educational day for all!



    farm 1
    farm 2
    farm 3
    Turtle Newsfrom Mrs. Gibilisco’s class!  Thechildren wrote a persuasive letter convincing her to bring in a turtle toschool.  One child wrote, “One reason Iwant you to bring your turtle is so I can learn about it.”  Another student said, “It will be fun towatch the turtle walk.”  The childrenwere successful and received a special visit from the turtle.
     Mrs. Gumienny's class happily welcomed spring after a long, cold winter by visualizing the words to "What a Wonderful World"!  Their interpretations were all very special and unique.
























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