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  • December is all about Caring @EPP. How can you demonstrate a caring nature? Put our puzzle together for some helpful ideas. We hope you remeber to show your caring nature during the upcoming holiday season.

    Carrie is a Caring Cat jigsaw puzzle

    Edison Township Preschool Program is dedicated to providing early childhood education for preschool-aged children with disabilities together with their peers in a supportive and safe learning environment which fosters individual growth.

    Our mission is to prepare each child to become increasingly independent, to maximize readiness for more formal school experiences, to encourage each child to become a life-long learner, and to engage the parents and guardians in their child’s educational experience.

    Specifically, the Edison Township Preschool Program strives to:

    • Provide a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum through High Scope and Rethink.
    • Ensure that there is an environment in which children learn through play.
    • Create and maintain an inclusive learning and play environment for children with and without disabilities.
    • Ensure smooth and effective transitions.
    • Provide and support ongoing educational opportunities and training for staff and parents.
    • Establish and nurture parent partnerships.
    • Establish and nurture collaborative relationships within the Edison community. 

    Edison Preschool Program
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  • Today is
    Friday, December 19, 2014
    What Can You Do?
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  • This Week, Piper Says



    Remember, you are a great story waiting to be told. Soak up every experience you are given. Each will help to shape you into the you that you were meant to be.


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  • The Edison Municipal Alliance is having a fundraiser on Sunday January 18th we will be taking a bus trip into NYC  New Amsterdam theatre to see Aladdin on Broadway. Click the image for more information.
    EMA's Trip to Broadway
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  • Welcome to EPP

    I wish to welcome you to the Edison Township Preschool Program at EELC & FDR. Our staff and I hope that you and your family will join with us to make 2014-2015 a very productive year.

    We continue to focus on Expanding Our Horizons & Exploring Our World.  Our main goal is to have your child explore our ever-changing environment. To this end, your child’s teacher will encourage independent learning and thinking every day in the classroom. In keeping with this theme, take a look at the everyday activities calendar for this month. Just click on the photo to the left. These quick activities will allow you and your child to continue the learning and exploration at home. I encourage you to help your child in completing each small task every day. Together, we will be building skills and showing your little one how much fun it is to learn about the world around us.  

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  • And the Honor Goes to…
    Ms. Abigail Donington  
    The Edison Preschool Program is happy to announce that Ms. Abigail Donington has been selected as the Teacher of the Year for 2014.
    Fun Family Events in NJ  
     High Scope for Parents
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