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  • Character Shapes the Future
    EPP Character Shapes the Future

    This past school year, our little ones at the EPP started their journey about learning how to become caring, responsible people in our ever changing world. We tackled some big words about character, but our goal was to make it real and meaningful to them. So, if you’ll remember, our October’s focus was on showing respect towards others as well as their belongings. November had us logically following with discussions about showing responsible behavior. The monthly calendar was filled with ideas for engendering responsibility with quick chores around the home. We moved into the month of December highlighting the concept of caring for others. Both EELC and FDR had drives to collect food, clothing, and toys for others who do not have enough during our traditional holidays. January had us talking about being true to your word and following it up with action. Throughout February, our focus turned to fairness and being able to listen to others and showing empathy and patience. Lastly, we focused on citizenship, but we did this one throughout the year by having our students recite our Pledge of Allegiance daily. At FDR, we chose mail carriers every week and they were responsible for delivering the daily mail from each classroom to the main office. At EELC, this is done through each classroom. Further, at EELC, the students will be planting flowers in the front of our school at the start of this month to brighten up our school for the spring season. This task will also require some responsible behavior as each class will have the added responsibility of watering their flowers throughout the season.


    Even though we formalized these concepts this year, at the EPP the teachers are always embedding these important qualities and life skills throughout the year in their daily lessons. Each child is consistently encouraged to wait their turn, listen to their classmates, take part in our school’s community, and make a difference in their environment.
    May 2015
    May 2015 Daily Activities
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  • The Edison Township Preschool Program is dedicated to providing early childhood education for preschool-aged children with disabilities together with their peers in a supportive and safe learning environment which fosters individual growth.

    Our mission is to prepare each child to become increasingly independent, to maximize readiness for more formal school experiences, to encourage each child to become a life-long learner, and to engage the parents and guardians in their child’s educational experience.

    Specifically, the Edison Township Preschool Program strives to:

    • Provide a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum through High Scope and Rethink.
    • Ensure that there is an environment in which children learn through play.
    • Create and maintain an inclusive learning and play environment for children with and without disabilities.
    • Ensure smooth and effective transitions.
    • Provide and support ongoing educational opportunities and training for staff and parents.
    • Establish and nurture parent partnerships.
    • Establish and nurture collaborative relationships within the Edison community. 
    Edison Preschool Program
    School Day Schedules
    EPP School Days Schedule
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  • Today is
    Monday, May 25, 2015
    What Can You Do?
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  • Celebrate Your Family

    My Family Tree jigsaw puzzle

    May is National Personal Family History Month. Take some time out this month to talk about the importance of family. Help your child create a family tree and write down some facts about the members of your family. Display your family tree in a prominent place in your home.
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  • National Bike Month
    National Bike Month
    in May! 
    May is National Bike Month. Take a look at these links to assist you in planning some family fun time outdoors enjoying the sunshine, warmer weather, and good for the environment exercise. May is also National Short Story Month. Click on the link below to discover a world of excellent short stories to read with your little one at home this month.

     31th Annual Farmlands Tour

     Go the Distance for Autism

     Bike to School Day 

     Bike Middlesex

     NYC Bike Expo

     Battle of Monmouth Ride

    3 Easy Scenic River Rides
    Kids World Fun Short Stories
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  • The EPP
    Teacher of the Year

    Ms. Coppola Teacher of the Year 2015

    The Edison Preschool Program is happy to announce that Ms. Stephanie Coppola has been selected as the Teacher of the Year for 2015. Ms. Coppola is a teacher in our new inclusive preschool class @FDR.
    Ms. Coppola has introduced our character education program for this year. Ms. Coppola spent time in the summer to ensure that the program chosen was suitable for our preschoolers and their developmental levels of understanding. Ms. Coppola facilitates the implementation of the program for the other teachers at FDR.  Lastly, Ms. Coppola has created a lending library that includes age appropriate books to expose our students to cultural differences as well as concrete examples of good character. 
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