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  • EPP In Review
    9/2013 EPP is on the web
    Welcome to the Class of 2016!!!
    Parents meet teachers and administrator at 
    Back to School Night
    Our little ones strike a pose for PMStudios
    Talk of a new mascot begins @ELC
    FDR gets ready to adopt a mascot
    10/2013 Ms. Losada’s class walks to ShopRite for a lesson on apples!
    FDR goes to the Firehouse and meets Edison’s Mayor
    Our little ones pick a pumpkin at the patch
    FDR walks for autism awareness
    ELC’s Parents focus on home cookin’ and sharing their
    family dishes
    Ms. Losada’s class bakes pizzas with Pizza Hut’s help
    ELC sends our parents to the 
    university (Parent University)
    Danny the Collie is welcomed @FDR and is an 
    instant member of our family
    11/2013 ELC & FDR connect on facetime and 
    elect a puppy to be our mascot
    Our little ones @ELC meet the EHS Band 
    and jam with the band
    Our little ones share their Thanksgiving 
    meal quite formally @FDR
    ELC’s classes meet in the hallway for some 
    Thanksgiving singing and sharing snack
    Buck the Black Labrador is welcomed @FDR 
    and adds to our growing family of therapy pets
      Our newly elected mascot makes its way to                       
      our home site and we adopt our new
    colors: Purple and Yellow abound!
    12/2013 Top Ten Toys for Tots is featured in 
    the Parent University @ELC
    The EPP community names the puppy Piper 
    Ms. McQuillan’s class learns how to shop @EHS
    The EHS Choir gives our ELC little ones 
    an exclusive holiday performance
    Holiday Placemats for our friends @Brighton 
    Gardens are created by our little difference makers @FDR 
    Creativity is king as we construct Gingerbread 
    Houses with our FDR Families
    Ms. Donington’s and Ms. Geraci’s classes share 
    story time and holiday crafting with our
    friends from Brighton Gardens
    ELC’s classes congregate in the hall for more 
    sharing of music, laughter, snacks, and drawing
    1/2014 ELC’s little ones rock on 
    Strengthening our Home Connections 
    @FDR’s 1st Parent University
    FDR’s little ones share the warmth of good soup
    FDR explores the PTA in our quest for 
    our own parent organization
    2/2014 The Red Dragon makes an appearance at our
    parade along with a parent and EHS students
    for Chines New Year celebrations @ELC
    Valentine’s Day Fun Day @FDR has our little 
    ones learning about friendship and sharing
    Spotlight on Black Inventors @ELC
    Who’s your favorite fairy tale character @FDR?
    We keep our teeth shiny and healthy @ELC & FDR
    The Cat in the Hat makes a special appearance @ELC!
    3/2014 Developing Language Through Play 
    @FDR’s Parent University
    A budding author creates 
    a story @ELC
    We open our doors for the community’s 
    elite to come and Read Across America with us
    FDR celebrates our diversity 
    @Culture Night and brings down the house!!
    Dimes for Downs @ELC lets our little 
    ones make a difference
    FDR makes St. Patrick’s Day Placemats 
    for our friends @Brighton Gardens
    4/2014 ELC learns how to decorate a cake!
    Spring arrives and we look for eggs @ELC & FDR
    Danny the Collie makes his first 
    appearance @ELC and melts hearts!
    FDR goes to the ZOO and outta state!!!
    ELC & FDR put the spotlight on autism 
    blowing bubbles to show we care
    Ms. Donington’s and Ms. Geraci’s 
    classes host a very special “SPA DAY for MOMMY” 
    5/2014 Our final Parent University puts the focus 
        & on getting ready for Kindergarten
    6/2014 FDR parents learn more about the PTA process!
    The Zoo goes to ELC!!
    Field day fun is a big hit @FDR & ELC
    The Ice Cream Truck treats our little ones @ELC & FDR!!
    Promotion celebrations bring the dignitaries @ELC&FDR
    to see what our little ones have learned 
    Let’s clean-up and get ready for SUMMER fun!!!
    2013-2014 has been a year of excellent achievements and new experiences at the Edison Preschool Program.  We are learning that we are Jersey Strong yet still can be flexible in our daily changing world. Our little ones have learned to make a difference daily in our school and our community.  We acknowledge that there are still challenges to be overcome, as we are a work in progress continuing to run the race. 
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  • Cindy Visits the Police Station
    EPP Has Good Citizens
    It is never too early to learn about how we can make a difference in our community by demonstrating the qualities of a good citizen. Take a look at how Cindy the Crab does it. 
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  • The Edison Township Preschool Program is dedicated to providing early childhood education for preschool-aged children with disabilities together with their peers in a supportive and safe learning environment which fosters individual growth.

    Our mission is to prepare each child to become increasingly independent, to maximize readiness for more formal school experiences, to encourage each child to become a life-long learner, and to engage the parents and guardians in their child’s educational experience.

    Specifically, the Edison Township Preschool Program strives to:

    • Provide a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum through High Scope and Rethink.
    • Ensure that there is an environment in which children learn through play.
    • Create and maintain an inclusive learning and play environment for children with and without disabilities.
    • Ensure smooth and effective transitions.
    • Provide and support ongoing educational opportunities and training for staff and parents.
    • Establish and nurture parent partnerships.
    • Establish and nurture collaborative relationships within the Edison community. 
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  • Edison Preschool Program
    School Day Schedules
    EPP School Days Schedule
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  • Today is
    Thursday, July 31, 2014
    What can you do? 
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  • Ms. Donington Speaks with Parenting Magazine
    EPP in Print

    Recently, Ms. Donington, our Teacher of the Year, had the opportunity to share her thoughts regarding public preschool education. Ms. Kim Hildenbrand of Parenting Magazine asked Ms. Donington to point out the positive impact our type of preschool program can have on our young learners.

    And the Honor Goes to…
    Ms. Abigail Donington  
    The Edison Preschool Program is happy to announce that Ms. Abigail Donington has been selected as the Teacher of the Year for 2014. Ms. Donington is a teacher in our integrated preschool class @FDR. At any given time, you can see that Ms. Donington has all her students actively engaged in learning, playing, or exploring which are at the core of our High Scope curriculum. Her classroom is warm and welcoming for students, parents, and colleagues alike. Ms. Donington consistently hosts a “mystery reader” in her classroom to engender a love of reading in her students.  Her students’ work is displayed lovingly throughout her class and as you enter our school since she strives to create an environment that is like a home away from home for her students.
    Fun Family Events in NJ  
     High Scope for Parents
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