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  • The EPP highlights TRUSTWORTHINESS this month…Such a big word! What can it mean for our little ones? Work with your child to solve our puzzle and talk about being a trustworthy person. What does that look like in your home?

    Trustworthy Tiger jigsaw puzzle
    January 2015 daily activities
    The Edison Township Preschool Program is dedicated to providing early childhood education for preschool-aged children with disabilities together with their peers in a supportive and safe learning environment which fosters individual growth.

    Our mission is to prepare each child to become increasingly independent, to maximize readiness for more formal school experiences, to encourage each child to become a life-long learner, and to engage the parents and guardians in their child’s educational experience.

    Specifically, the Edison Township Preschool Program strives to:

    • Provide a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum through High Scope and Rethink.
    • Ensure that there is an environment in which children learn through play.
    • Create and maintain an inclusive learning and play environment for children with and without disabilities.
    • Ensure smooth and effective transitions.
    • Provide and support ongoing educational opportunities and training for staff and parents.
    • Establish and nurture parent partnerships.
    • Establish and nurture collaborative relationships within the Edison community. 
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    Saturday, January 31, 2015
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  • The EPP
    Teacher of the Year

    Ms. Coppola Teacher of the Year 2015

    The Edison Preschool Program is happy to announce that Ms. Stephanie Coppola has been selected as the Teacher of the Year for 2015. Ms. Coppola is a teacher in our new inclusive preschool class @FDR.
    Ms. Coppola is dedicated to the children of our school and in her class. She is always looking to bring new and fun activities to the school and to the classroom. She spends a lot of time finding ways to engage all of the learners in her class while addressing their individual needs. Ms. Coppola shares her ideas and resources with her colleagues as she strives to create a culture of collaboration in our school. She invites other classes into her classroom for sharing in fun activities and learning experiences.
    Ms. Coppola has introduced our character education program for this year. Ms. Coppola spent time in the summer to ensure that the program chosen was suitable for our preschoolers and their developmental levels of understanding. Ms. Coppola facilitates the implementation of the program for the other teachers at FDR.  Lastly, Ms. Coppola has created a lending library that includes age appropriate books to expose our students to cultural differences as well as concrete examples of good character.

    Ms. Coppola maintains that students are able to express themselves more easily through music. In order to take advantage of this, Ms. Coppola applied for and was awarded a grant to purchase a music program for all the students at FDR. Integrating ABC Music and Me will enable our students to work hands on with instruments while addressing social, math, language, literacy and creative arts development.

    Ms. Coppola is always willing to help with our school functions and make them memorable for the students so that they have the best experiences possible while attending FDR.   “Miss Stephanie shows leadership and enthusiasm and deserves to be FDR’s Teacher of the Year.” We are proud to have her represent the Edison Preschool Program for 2015.

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  • This Week, Piper Says



    Don’t drown in a glass of water.

    When the problem seems bigger than what it actually is, take a moment to step outside of it.  Go for a walk, remove yourself from the situation, breathe.  You’ll be amazed how much smaller it will seem upon your return with a different outlook.

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