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                 teacher of the year
Congratulations to Miss Lindsey!
Benjamin Franklin's Teacher of the Year 2015 
                            Anti-Bullying Examples by Students 
           Ben Franklin students have been discussing anti-bullying
            with the Guidance Counselor and shared their thoughts! 


Welcome to Benjamin Franklin

“It is not what you say or do but how you make people feel” is a motto that Benjamin Franklin students are encouraged to live by everyday.  Developing 21st  century citizens is as important as being persons of good character.  Our rigorous curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards while providing real-life problem solving strategies.

There are numerous initiatives apparent this year. The most prominent is  that every student in grades three to five is in possession of their own Chromebook at school and in the near future, it will travel home in their backpack instead of a textbook.  Teachers are making assignments through Engrade and creating Wikis instead of worksheets. Writing pieces are receiving immediate feedback as their teachers make comments through Google docs. Grades one and two are also integrating technology in their classes with iPads and laptops.

Kindergarten, first and second graders are experiencing Math through the hands-on approach of Math in Focus.  Concepts are mastered by stages: concrete (hands-on), pictorial, and then abstract. Students are developing a greater understanding of number sense through this learning experience.

Our students have many opportunities beyond the academic curriculum to become well-rounded individuals.  They may participate in Art Club, Chorus, Band, and Orchestra as well as Student Council and Safety Patrols during the school day.  Beyond the scheduled hours there are clubs such as Ben and Us (the school newspaper)  Dance Fitness, Technology, Theater Arts, Environmental and Cooking Club.  Odyssey of the Mind also provides students with the opportunity to shine.

Benjamin Franklin School enjoys a solid base of community support through our PTA.  This organization provides many additional resources and activities to our students and families. Our Parent University provides the necessary information for our parents to support their children at home.  We value the importance that families play in our success in educating their children.

We hope that we live up to our motto, “It is not what you say or do but how you make people feel” .

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