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Attention Students:
Anyone interested in Baseball or Softball, tryouts will start on Monday, March 9th. 
Please report to the gym at 3:10PM.

Helping our Environment, One Tray at a Time!


Over the past several weeks, Ms. Cameron’s and Mrs. Dragona’s students participated in a unit using concepts learned in each aspect of STEM.  The students were able to help solve problems affecting the community such as global warming due to textile dumping, plastic recycling, and electricity usage by first identifying the main causes and biggest pollution factors through the interview process, through the analysis of data obtained, and through discussion.  In alignment to the Next Generation Science standards, students used information learned from the Ecology unit to complete this endeavor.   Working in cooperative groups, students created a plan of action based on computer based qualitative and quantitative research, the analysis of climate change models, and hands-on investigations.   They then determined ways to reduce each of their environmental factors and created viable plans of action.  Two groups of students were chosen to present their solutions to their peers, administrators, teachers and our Superintendent, Dr. O’Malley.  One group, Shreya Chatakandu, Alexis Wilner, Ojas Jain, Maria Keerthi presented facts on the dangers of using Styrofoam in the lunch room.  The second group, Gabriela Cruz, Alyssa Bova, Abijit Rangesh, Ashley Weeks, Brooke McGill then presented an alternative to using Styrofoam.


As a result of their thoroughly researched proposals and skills of persuasion, the Board of Education is initiating a plan to make Woodrow Wilson “greener” by discontinuing the use of Styrofoam in the cafeteria.  For our students, advocacy with passion for a cause is leading to the implementation of an action plan that will benefit the school community.

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 WWMS 6th Graders Participate in a Computer Coding Event (click on the picture for more information)
hour of code
hour of code
hour of code


hour of code


hour of code


code of hour


The 7th Graders finish their second round of the Food Drive.
Thanks to our help, the food pantry now has a lot more food than on our last visit. . .
food pantry
food pantry
Good News! The State of NJ has released performance reports for all schools. View the WWMS profile at:
WWMS Magnets are now for sale!  Click on the picture for the order form.

Welcome to Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson Middle School is a remarkable school in which students relish in their academic pursuits while developing a strong sense of social consciousness. Academics are the thread around which all other programs are woven. Our school is recognized as a high performing institution, based on the results of the NJ state assessments.

The student body of almost 1,000 abounds with cultural diversity, and the students embrace the richness of the blending of those cultures. Students live by the Six Pillars of Character Education, raising money for community needs, such as Lainie’s Angels, an organization that supports families of children with cancer. Students from WWMS exhibit responsibility, arriving early and staying late for extra help or co-curricular activities.  The school mascot, the Challenger, represents what all WWMS students strive to be; students willing to take on academic and community challenges.

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