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The four middle schools of Edison Township will be using the I-Ready Diagnostic Testing Assessment.
To learn more about the I-Ready Assessment, please open the link below.

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson Middle School

TJMS Motto
Our goal at Thomas Jefferson Middle School is to provide a learning environment where students value education and accept their role as life-long learners.  The teachers at Thomas Jefferson work hard to inspire all children to strive to meet their fullest potential by providing a challenging and nurturing environment.  In the classroom, teachers incorporate varied instructional strategies to motivate and address the learning styles and intellligences of a diverse population of students.  In addition to promoting academic excellence, teachers cultivate a learning environment where our students develop their character to consist of self-respect, self-confidence, independence,commitment, and responsibility,  In pursuit of excellence, all these qualities are essential to be successful in life,
Our school is organized in interdisciplinary teams at each grade level.  Teams provide communities of learning that foster collaboration, higher levels of achievement, and improved teacher-student relationships.  Teachers work collectively to ensure positive and meaningful educational experiences.  In addition, students are nurtured with a sense of cultural awareness, tolerance, diversity, and an appreciation of the arts within the community.
To help build relationships with the teachers, students can participate in numerous after-school clubs and activities.  The school community, staff, administration, and parents are working together to help all students meet the standards of Advance Proficiency.  Our school's motto is "Today We Learn, Tomorrow We Lead."  After three years in Thomas Jefferson Middle School, students are better prepared to meet the demands of a changing world.
Mrs. Emden, Principal
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  • Today is Thursday, April 27, 2017
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    Gr. 9 Program of Studies  (open link)


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  • Join the TJ PTO


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  • Avid Logo

    Visit the AVID tab above for all the

    latest updates.


    Thomas Jefferson Middle School is proud to announce that we will be offering the 
    AVID elective in the 8thgrade for the 2016-2017 school year!

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  • Breakfast Program
    We are happy to announce that Thomas Jefferson now offers all students breakfast during homeroom. Each month students receive a breakfast menu & order form. Any student who would like to receive breakfast should fill out the order form and return it to the CAFE at the beginning of each month. Breakfast is only $1.00 per day and can be paid using a student account or cash.
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    Anti Bullying

    TJMS School Safety Team Members & Anti-Bullying Specialists
    Kenneth Saggese, VP
    Antoinette Emden, Principal
    Kelly Boyle, Guidance
    Michelle Zaremba, Teacher
    Brian Biondi, Teacher
    Nicole Montilus, Nurse
    Kris Michalski, Parent
    HIB Form ---Look Under Parents


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  • For the latest " Grade Team News" and "Late Activity Bus Stops"  and "Teacher Websites" Check under Student Resources

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